a s*xy beast that will take everything from you
hey look its joesoel keep your woman away from him.

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    the comment one makes when they, or someone else has a really wet-sounding fart billy: (farts loudly) tom: “d*mn, billy. that’s going to itch when it dries!”

  • qaisium

    a funny guy that always sharing humor with others ur just like qaisium

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    when a male circ*mcises his p*n*s and feeds it to the female. she was hungry so i gave her a german gummy bear.

  • ava grace

    a beautyful girl with grace ,cl*ss and s*ss. will kick someones b*tt if she has too. she is not to be messed with but she is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet #ava #grace #sweet #hot #love ava grace means love and pretty sweet

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