keranii is a nices person ever and the cutest she really cares for people
i need help keranii ok

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  • noncewomble

    a british term used when someone is being a c*ck, peadophile, w*nker or t*t. also if someone does a d*ck move or snakes someone out they would be described as a noncewomble. matt is such a noncewomble.

  • turbotext

    using turbotax’s six digit text confirmation to spam the sh*t out of people that annoy you. it is recommended to then text them with your phone and ask what the six digit code is. person 1: “john didn’t invite me to his party so i turbotexted him!” person 2: “haha he deserved it!”

  • tyler bailey

    stupid g*y f*ggot who should kill himself “tyler bailey should suck d*ck and die”

  • cereal cocaine

    the dust at the bottom of the cereal box. the last bowl always has cereal cocaine.

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