when your so drunk! like absolutely wasted you dance on tables and split your head open!
woah man i was absolutely f*ckin kimyed last night! don’t remember a thing!

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  • moanaed

    when the c*m shot hits them in the face and they sing afterwards. his c*m warmly covered her face and she replied “see the light where the sky meets the sea it calls me!”. she was moanaed.

  • validit*tties

    when you posses real br**sts as a pose to fake ones. boy one: “d*mn, have you seen the melons on sophie?” boy two: “yeah bro, i’d like to have a suckle on them, they’re validit*tties

  • shaqueefsha

    shaqueefsha’s are the most fabulous people known to man kind. tend to be very huge sl*ts and obviously are super weird if their names are shaqueefsha shaqueefsha slays me

  • n*bel p*n*s

    inspiring world peace one c*m shot at a time. keeping your girlfriend kind to the world be giving her *rg*smic s*x. thanks to his n*bel p*n*s i have had a shot of kindness and am spreading joy today. i’m so thankful for his punctual p*n*s.

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