another word for a branch
ooh look at that branch, oh wait no ima sound poetic look in those leafytendrils

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  • auschwitz abortion

    the act of inserting a rubber hose into a woman’s v*g*n*, then connecting the other end to a tailpipe of a car and turning the car on. “sarah and i couldn’t afford a real abortion, so i just gave her an auschwitz abortion”

  • paredes

    people that have that name have a tendency to have a big d*ck as a guy and tend to give amazing s*x, the girls give great s*x but are very dramatic omg i just had s*x with a paredes and they were amazing!

  • on the shelf

    if someone, especially a woman, is on the shelf, they are not married and people now believe they are too old to get married i was afraid. my daughter would never find a husband, that she’d be left on the shelf.

  • boom chub

    really huge v*g*n* did u see that boom chub, that sh*t was gross

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