s*xy caring unique individual
that’s an amazing mandrell over there

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  • christmas bed

    when you move your bed in front of the television as to watch shows from the comfort on your bed. “let’s make a christmas bed and watch movies tonight” “i enjoy watching my favorite shows from a christmas bed”

  • drunk formal

    a dress code the looks formal yet the clothing is comfortable enough to p*ss out drunk in tonights party is going to be a drunk formal dress code.

  • ghostmob

    a group of individuals who will rob you blind but n*body ever sees them. will also engage in illegal activities but are not seen in the act of preforming these activities. dam someone stole my car but i didn’t see or hear anything! i got hit by a ghostmob.

  • bipl bopl

    it’s just a way of saying “mate” in australia. how’s it going bipl bopl?

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