a way of saying maybe
do you wanna marry me

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    temper tantrum-like tweets when someone rants on twitter because they don’t get his or her way. president trump started temper tweeting his outrage when his executive orders were challenged in court.

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    also known as t*tty w*nk or t*ttyw*nk. the s*xual act of a female (or perhaps anyone with sizable br**sts) using br**sts to stimulate a p*n*s, possibly to the point of *rg*sm. derivation unknown, but may be a metaphor for a man sitting between the two large humps of a camel. after she sucked on his […]

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    cash me inside, make me some tea 1. when you visit your friends often they know to make you a nice cup of english tea when you come over. 2. when you have an argument or a fight with someone, however it is too cold outside for either of you to sort it out outside, […]

  • lemaya

    ugly af she can make you throw up if u look at her just for 1 second lemaya you ugly

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