something so large that it requires the combination of ‘mega’ & ‘m*ssive’ to do it justice.
that girls b*tt is meg*ssive.

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  • monkey's headb*tt

    when one unsheathes one’s erect male member, and whips it forward, with the intention of striking a blow on the victim’s forehead with the engorged bell-end. “listen love, tuck it in or i’ll give you a right ol’ monkey’s headb*tt”

  • nahuy

    russian that actually means “go f*ck yourself” or “f*ck off” – hi, can we go to cinema today? – no, poshel nahuy (f*ck off). in russian – a place to go. universal direction marker. you can hear it, if someone bored of you, or deny you money or service, or refuse s*xual relationship. sometimes you […]

  • noriharu

    relationship between two j*panese noriharu tsurukimura relationship between two j*panese noriharu tsurukimura

  • onfonem

    to swear on your friends and family or people you *ssociate with often in gangs mostly used by gds onfonem i’m finna sleep shorty *ss . keep talking sh*t imma beat yo *ss onfonem.

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