bad b-tch
me: you’re such a merlos

friend: what’s a merlos

me: a bad b-tch

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  • ambio

    a typical somali girl who is ready to pop off on anyone in her way d-mn there is ambio with her cute -ss.

  • full blown f*ckwit

    when someone is incredibly stupid or makes dumb decisions that are out of this world and are unable to be comprehended. sophie: wait, so if you’re pregnant with twins would you be pregnant for 18 months? amber: you’re a full blown f-ckwit. sophie: who, me?

  • kanana

    this person has a very bad case of ugliness. they can never get rid of how ugly they are, even if they put makeup over their face. even some kananas have mono also known as “kissing disease”. kanana refuses to take off her halloween costume… oh wait that’s not a costume.

  • neek neek

    neek neek also can be known as therealneekneek who’s curious and wants to know why the f-ck everybody keep making definitions about themselves when half percent yall saying about yourself isn’t true. thot -ss liars ‼️ 😂 why yall hoes be neek neekin tf? 😂 waveeyyy -ss new word omm

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