a person who is stupid,slow,r*t*rded,
d*mn wyane is a f*cking moe,moe.

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  • scamdy cat

    an irrational fear of online transactional payment; often witnessed in the pensioner population. for christ’s sake, that’s another call from auntie irene. she’s waited less than ten minutes for a “forgot p*ssword ” reminder on amazon and now the scamdy-cat believes some nigerian hacker has cleaned out her account.

  • shinqua

    a bushy bush (related to president bush) “im shinqua” “d*mn shinqua”

  • refreezerator

    when you put food in the refrigerator and it freezes…that’s called a refreezerator! check out this frozen banana! it came out of my refreezerator!

  • ponshaw

    it’s a very extravagant shaw/poncho. looks beautiful but whats under it is the prize. your ponshaw looks beautiful next to the nightstand!

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