moon landing

an extremely complex and technically challenging s*xual feat wherein two people pose doggy style facing away from each other and scissor their b*ttholes until *rg*sm is achieved.
danny and mitch enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and c*cktails out on the town. it was a celebration of life that could only end with solid eye contact and a moon landing.
when two men (or women) are changing clothes in a locker room with their backs to eachother, and they bend over to pull down their pants at the same time by accident. this results in their *sses touching eachother. thus, a moon landing.
brad and billy are getting ready for football practice, and they both happen to pull down their pants at the same time.

brad: “woa dude! what the heck man?”
billy: “what’s wrong with you?”
brad: “your *ss just touched mine!”
billy: “awe come on, you can’t tell me this is your first moon landing.”
brad: “there’s a name for it?”
accidental, unintentional contact between your naked *rs*-cheeks and another individual’s naked *rs*-cheeks, resulting in a panicked moment of pause, sudden development of perfect posture on bolting upright, b*tt-hole puckering and the grunted “sorry” cough being elicited. commonplace at such establishments as gyms or work locker rooms.
two individuals standing side by side at neighbouring lockers.

individual one: *turns to the right, bends over*
individual two: *turns to the left, bends over*

*rs*-cheeks touch. moonlanding has occured.
a way girls “manicure” their pubic hair in the fashion of a circle
created by those who are upset with the sub par standards in pubic hair, and request more “actionable” shapes in pubic hair
“so you know what a landing strip is right?, its a way girls manicure their pubic. its a perfect line right ? so whats a moon landing right? you pull the pants down, perfect circle”(drops the mic)-joel heyman
a moonlanding is when two or more people all touch b*tts. bare b*tts. it is a sign of affection.
person 1- “i miss you so much!”
person 2- “i know, i miss you too!”
person 1- “when you get back we are in need of an emergency moonlanding.”
an event in america’s history that actually happened, but has much criticism of being a hoax. unfortunately simple minded idiots on urban dictionary like to try to spread their ignorance to people. some people try to explain things that were filmed during the moon landing as a reason for being a hoax and deny the truth, even though footage from the moon landing has been proven to be true years later after it happened. even though, still these people won’t believe in the truth because they are just too stubborn and live in the past.
{idiot} “hey, dude did you see that flag on the moon landing waving. it must be a hoax”
{anyone with a brain} ” oh my, just shut the f**k up, they’ve proven that it is possible to do that in sp*ce, gets your facts right before you start talking.”
when one person is trying to get around another whose facing the opposite direction and, thus, cannot see the first person trying to squeeze by without touching. at the last second, as the first person is about to p*ss, the second steps directly in his or her path, resulting in inadvertent crotch-to-*ss contact.
after an unintentional moon landing, the first person might say: “oops! pardon me! didn’t mean to land on your moon.”

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