the funniest of them all and the best looking with a larger than usual package
his package is m*ssive i’m surprised that he’s not called neithen.

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  • sleepy waffle

    mixing s*m*n spit and egg whites and giving it to a woman. to swallow or put it in syringe and squirt on an un suspecting female gave her the sleepy waffle .she is nasty

  • the swords of justice

    immediately after engaging in rear or “doggy style” intercourse, one draws two swords and thrusts them victoriously in their partner; sado-m*s*ch*stic joe bradley performed “the swords of justice” on some chick because he thought it would be cool but she didn’t dig it

  • smexilicious

    this is a word to describe something as very good in general. this this can be used for something s*xy or just for some good news. arron- guess what i got an a in math. kinesha- oh, smexilicious!

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