very cool s*xy beast
parasectt is bzxrd friend

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  • prairie ridge high school

    school with a bunch of preppy *ss rich kids. they think they are the sh*t and are c*cky as h*ll. those kids from prairie ridge high school are c*cky as f*ck

  • nickya

    a person who is rude and selfish. also he shows signs of being an annoying son of a b*tch. he is know to be extremely bad in bed. he is such a nickya

  • monkey tickle

    the nervous sensation felt in the b*lls when afraid of falling or of heights, often experienced when standing on the edge of a building or riding a roller coaster. when we stood on the observer box in the willis tower, i could really feel the monkey tickle looking down.

  • paulafied

    giving everything your own special style that reflects who you are with no regard to what others think. that outfit is out there, it’s paulafied!

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