d*ck, p*n*s, c*ck.
david has a small *ss paykay, his girlfriend told me so.

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  • macy laine

    noun/ usually a little girl who doesn’t understand what grade she is supposed to be in known usually to be a hoe your such a macy laine

  • stevxeen

    when your d*ck gets caught in the ceiling fan but no one can still spell your name i had to go to the hospital after i stevxeened, but no one would check me in

  • defecatastrophe

    a sh*tstorm. that presentation turned into a complete defecatastrophe. there goes my promotion!

  • yoga spit cup

    when a woman enters the “wide legged forward fold” yoga position and a man recieves oral s*x from her while simultaneously spreading her l*b** from above and using her v*g*n* as a spit cup. i hooked up with a confused feminist from a physical therapy training course who wanted to meld progressive s*x with redneck […]

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