piellarious is like a sarcy hillarious
how piellarious.
thats piellariously funny

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  • pierce, colorado

    a small town of about 1000 people. 850 being elderly. not much in pierce to do but a skatepark, store, and a bar. not that interesting. dude 1 :dude have you heard about pierce, colorado? dude 2 :no. dude 1 :well there’s just a bunch of old people, don’t worry about it.

  • pie roulette

    pie roulette: the act of eating the last pie at a 24 hour service station or a particularly dodgy 7/11. usually said pie has been sitting there for an unknown period of time is a flavour that gets p*ssed over on a regular basis (veg curry especially). it should be noted that ‘pie roulette’ generally […]

  • sadsh

    term used by maripe isu and dada to say suck a d*ck so hard marip:turn off the lights dada:its isu’s turn isu:i’m not doing it! dada and marip: like you can sadsh

  • safarian

    noun: one who is on a safari the uninformed safarian was viciously mauled by the lion.

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