pino blonde

dumb wh*r* sk*nk
she is such a pino blonde
dumb wh*r* sk*nk
she is such a pino blonde

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  • junior race police

    someone who tries to point out racism but gets it wrong. a: “islamic architecture uses a lot of geometric patterns.” b: “that’s racist!” a: “no, junior race police, islam isn’t a race.”

  • guilder-sl*t

    any white girl who attends a guilderland school wanting to start drama, spread rumors and sleep with any basketball playing dumb*ss. “hey bro, i b*mped into kristen the other day.” “bro, she’s a guilder-sl*t you know that right?” “she’s slept with 4 guys this week!”

  • victorya

    the name of a woman who is queen of the world. all hail queen victorya.

  • d*cklebits

    bits of d*ck that gets stuck in your teeth after biting off head. most comonly experienced after biting off the head of the p*n*s belonging to the enemy. “whats in your teeth?” “oh just d*cklebits.”

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