a group of white people sitting on a porch
meet you at the polypaddle!

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  • diasima

    an ancient greek word for “daisy”. a girl who is strong no matter what the circ*mstances surrounding her. she is sensitive and easily hurt but she comes out wiser at the other end of lessons. she blossoms no matter where she is planted. a warrior spirit mixed with an empath’s ability to know what the […]

  • dad d*cked

    a complete physical domination that is highly unexpected but leads to some sort of life lesson. johnny egged his neighbors house but ended up getting dad d*cked by mr. anderson

  • ganorkle snort

    term for a filthy b*st*rd who enjoys the scent of women’s bicycle seats. possibly dude’s seats as well. nasty pr*cks. yo, check ganorkle snort moving in on that sista’s huffy. dirty f*cker.

  • geovanna'd

    screaming at someone in place of another person. destroying there lives in front of a large group. that boy just got geovanna’d in front of everyone.

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