used as an adjective, primative means feeling or being made to feel s*xual. could also be used as an adjective to describe s*xual feeling with someone
i’m feeling primative

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  • pigeon hail

    when you sh*t on someone’s car dillon: oh i’m sorry to hear that you got pigeon hailed doug: yeah, i wish i knew who did it though, took me an hour to get the shine back in the clearcoat dillon: haha, yeah… guess we’ll never know dillon slowly hides taco bell wrappers

  • spazmoidal fish

    a fish that keeps having sudden spasms while swimming i think that fish in the biology lab only got killed cuz it was a spazmoidal fish 🙁 ikr so sad 🙁

  • tivursio

    the world biggest b*tch n*gg* you could ever find. don’t hangout with a tivursio because they make you lose b*tches. if you ever encounter a tivursio run n*gg*!!! oh sh*t it tivursio , run foo!!!!

  • flartcenta

    to expel intestinal gas through the *n*s after a giant poo. like one expels a placenta after childbirth. oh man.. i feel so good after i do my ~~ -what was that? –oh, just my daily flartcenta

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