when dat thing is so definitely good and true and you just know what it is.
“look at all this proofy billy”

“that’s cool gerald”

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  • wmap

    the wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe; a pair of radio telescopes that spun around and mapped the cosmic microwave background. it revolutionized cosmology as a whole. someone: have you heard about wmap’s data release? someone else: yeah, it’s f*cking awesome!

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    a very filthy man who runs a great youtube channel. he runs this channel to please the dark lord, chin-chin who has taken frank’s true form and corrupted him making him into the monster he is today. chin-chin has currently kidnapped frank, to postpone the release of pink guy’s new alb*m pink season. however, this […]

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    the act of hiding out in the bathroom to avoid an unfavorable task. leo: “where you been?” todd: “i saw you f*ckers practicing plf’s so i pulled a sh*t house flim flam.”

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