Put The Dick Away.

1. used when a guy is boasting or is too full of himself, to tell him he needs to get real and be more modest.

2. used when a guy is too h*rny, to tell him he needs to cool down and stop thinking about s*x. cf. “take a cold shower”.

i could pick up in 5 seconds every chick in the club!

dude, put the d*ck away. that’s too much!


boy: you look so s*xy tonight, wanna follow me to the restroom?

girl: put your d*ck away, you’re sicko!
used when you think someone is acting too high and mighty, or when someone is doing something totally unnecessary.
oh man… seriously? put the d*ck away!,
president bush…38 kilatons of bombs? put the d*ck away.

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