Last Update: March 27, 2017
  • vaggie juice

    mama cheri’s sweet nectar. available in small amounts during times of p*ssion. health benefits include and are not limited to sub 8:00 min/mi in a marathon excuse me but it smells like vaggie juice up in b*tch. mama cheri don’t like you p*ssing it around like the collection plate a church, ya hear?!

  • Boinden

    the taste in your mouth when waking up the morning after a heavy night of drinking and/or smoking. i drank way too much beer and not enough water last night, i have severe boinden

  • shank n weed

    a term used when a searching a black person, while searching you must plant a knife and a weed in their pockets. i got me shank n weed la. oh sh*t man, that cop took me shank n weed fam.

  • Muff Diva

    a lesbian with an att*tude wow – that chick is such a m*ff diva

  • Radiant

    emitting rays of light; shining; bright: the radiant sun; radiant colors. bright with joy, hope, etc.: radiant smiles; a radiant future. physics. emitted or propagated by radiation. heraldry. noting a part*tion line having a series of flamelike indentations formed by ogees joined in zigzags; rayonny. (of a charge, as an ordinary) having an edge or […]

  • oyakodon

    1. 親子丼, j*panese dish consisting of fried chicken bits and eggs served in a bowl with rice and *ssorted seasonings. the name of the dish means “parent-child bowl”, as the chicken and the egg are served together. 2. a threesome involving your partner’s mother. 1. man, the oyakodon from that stall is so good, i […]

  • McSomething

    a hot man who knows how to treat a women right. mysterious, magnetic, manly, strong and respectful. there’s something about him that’s dreamy but genuine. often named mike or mikey. beth never has a good time unless she’s with mcsomething.

  • Anti utilitarianism

    the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on , and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons. noun (ethics) the doctrine that the morally correct course of action consists in the greatest good for the greatest number, that is, in maximizing the total benefit resulting, without […]

  • homojogayness

    super h*m* gayness that likes to blow you hard yo look at the f*ckn chode that is h*m*jogayness and likes blueb*lls in his face also enjoying *n*l douching

  • Povorexic

    someone who doesn’t eat due to being unemployed, broke as a joke and too lazy to apply for food stamps jen has become totally povorexic since she got laid off

  • less handler

    one who cannot “handle” as much jae- anyone got a reg? i got a freaking line to the oil rack and all three of you are bsing mariachi- oh i forgot, jae is less handler. i got this! go take a break b*tch!

  • bowl cut

    sh*t hair cut, that has no blade on the sides & 1″ blade on top. only flop people get this yo man i got a bowl cut. that looks like sh*t n*gg*. when you put a bowl on the top of head and cut everything underneath it. a good example of this is mo from […]

  • degregory

    a bad *ss family that’s spoiled and rich i like that degregory family i want to be like them

  • Booty Tweet

    the act of sending a tweet via the pressure of your booty onto your phone in your back pocket @lancearmstrong whoops, sorry about the booty tweet.5 minutes ago from tweetie @lancearmstrong @@@@@@@d@d00 085 29 minutes ago from twitterberry the act of using twitter to “tweet” a booty call. douche 1: i haven’t gotten any in […]

  • Fanny flannel

    a flannel used specifically to wipe ones v*g*n* this f*nny flannel is very soft on my bits

  • Fire Up the Delorean

    a phrase used when one realizes 4:20 has p*ssed and partic*p*nts decide to set the clock back to 4:20 before lighting up everyone’s favorite recreational drug. oh, cr*p. it’s 4:21. guess we’ll fire up the delorean before lighting this bowl.

  • Cecil’s Moustache

    the visual, from the female recipient’s perspective, of her lover looking up at her during the act of c*nn*l*ng*s, when her pubic hair appear rests on her partner’s lip, thus resembling a moustache. leanne was at the height of s*xual pleasure as maurice worked his tongue over her cl*t, and she was thrilled to look […]

  • Off The Top Ropes

    similar to “off the chain” but newer, and thus cooler. did you see the new south park episode? yeah, it was off the top ropes!

  • We’d’ve

    abbreviated form for “we would have”. 2- expression for an extravagant situation. “we’d’ve f*ck*d up in ’93, but it was our last tour.” “it was we’d’ve when he roped that bull with an invisible rope.”

  • Rebootitation

    1. a time spent for rebooting or relaxing, so that you are prepared for future stress and work. 2. rejuvenation 3. the act of staying home from school when you are sleep deprived. today is my reboot*tation day.

  • squattin the cotton

    when a girl is on her period. we can’t do it because she’s squattin the cotton

  • bwomb

    1.a pregnant woman who’s stomach looks so huge like its gonna explode, like when shes expecting twins or triplets, or just a d*mn huge baby 2. so fat you look like you’re gonna blow up if you eat much more woman to son: mommy’s pregnant, im having triplets.. son: jeez mom! you’re so not takin […]

  • Mau5querade

    similar to a masquerade but deadmau5 heads are worn instead of masks i heard johnny is planning a mau5querade party before the deadmau5 concert

  • Coitus Procrastination

    the act of thinking about football, soccer, golf, dead puppies, your mom etc etc during s*xual intercourse causing a disruption in your exitement level and thus, not c*mm*ng as fast as you normally would (i.e. 1 minute) joe- i was about to c*m while having s*x with my girlfriend, but i had to resort to […]

  • luth of lust

    a great 4 p*n*s monster will enter your house and bang your wife like there’s no tomarrow. this isent just some p*n*s.. its a luth of l*st!

  • weak handed stranger

    when your girlfriend / wife sits on her hand until it falls asleep then strokes you off. i wanted s*x last night but my wife was too tired so she gave me a weak handed stranger instead

  • screen sickness

    looking at any screen for so long that you want to vomit all over yourself what the h*ll happened to you? you look terrible! i got screen sickness man

  • ditban

    acronym for “d*ck in the booty *ss n*gg*” one who has a d*ck in thier booty “wow tontay is such a f*ck*ng ditban”

  • Holeinator

    where you f*ck a girl in the *ss and fist her at the same time. me and this one girl did the holeinator all night long!

  • anzor

    a circ*ssian name derived from the georgian language; comes from the word “anzoriq” which is the caste term meaning “free. anzor from seattle has a qashen named nur.

  • Opalsaurus

    a dinosaur that looks very similar to a t rex but also has opal crankshaft’s head. its also known as the opalsaurs rex, or simply the o rex. they often wear sneakers and always have gl*sses. unlike t rexes, the o rex is cute and cuddly. she loves hugging on her grandchildren. nelson: hey roscoe, […]

  • Cahill

    a term used when someone tops another persons idea or story. brad just cahilled his story. to have a huge mole on your p*n*s jon has a huge cahill, girls dont like it!

  • SR20VET

    an extremely rare find here in the usa. it’s a spin off the more common neo vvl(sr20ve) the vet engine is a beast. sr20vet makes mad hp.

  • ovest

    to be s*xually attracted to another individual. dude i totally “ovest” that biotch over there

  • big dick fight

    when an argument between two or more people degenerates into little more than yelling and “just because”s. yeah, me and steve were debating on the needs of the american economy yesterday, but it just sort of turned into a big d*ck fight between political parties.

  • Pre-Log

    1)a fart before you take a dump man i had to poo h*lla bad last night turns out it was just a huge pre-log

  • peebobber

    p*n*s, d*ck, junk, luvtool, c*ck, etc. billy tells everyone his peebobber is big, but i’ve seen it…he needs gl*sses.

  • Hudson Bay

    a tiny *ss town in the middle of f*cking nowhere where they have mid 18th century values and sh*t hudson bay is the sh*t stain of the world

  • College of the Holy Cross

    oldest catholic college in new england, run by the jesuits and has the highest academic rating (98) of any catholic college in the nation as rated by the princeton review. holy cross is the top catholic liberal arts college per us news & world report rankings. college of the holy cross has a well deserved […]

  • The Screamin’ Meanies

    a very harsh case of diarrhea where one will sit on a toilet for an extended period of time while what feels like flames shoot out of one’s r*ct*m, esp. after eating exceptionally spicy food. dude 1: where’s steve, i haven’t seen him since yesterday. dude 2: he’s probably sitting on the john with a […]

  • Hobris

    hobris (noun) derived from the word hubris (noun) which means a person who’s arrogant, presumpious, or insolent. hobris means someone who’s acting like a ho, but believes they are not. a person ignorant to the fact that they are infact a ho. “i think she’s suffering from hobris.” or as an adjective; hobristic “stop acting […]

  • razzlehoof

    a late night, hastily *ssembled fourth meal of the day. typically requires minimal effort with no preparation or cooking. tom ate lunch meat and spanish olives for razzlehoof.

  • vidyaranyapura

    hood in the northern part of bangalore(close to bel colony) comprising of smaller “layouts” like nta and srinidhi. abc: where u live at dogg?? xyz: right up vidyaranyapura man…

  • Bacon Wrap

    a) verb. to take something that is already in a positive state of being and then elevate it to an unprecedented level of excellence by modifying or adding to it. b) verb. a deal sweetener. andre really bacon wrapped the deal by offering to deliver that m*th*f*cka to laron’s aunntie’s house where he stay at. […]

  • fultz

    to be f*ck*ng awesome. lawlmygod, that kid is so fultz!!!1

  • sercie

    a gift. a present. a reward. a thoughtful token of appreciation, thanks, or love. mike gave me a great sercie for my birthday.

  • niggaout v2

    the word used when a black woman proceeds to sit on your face blocking your eyesight and view of your surround area. ”man, i was walking down the street heading to the bus stop, i sat down at the bench waiting for the next bus to arrive when out of the corner of my eye […]

  • exotica car

    a tuner or ricer that has a rear engine and the style/look of an expensive exotic car. han’s rx7 in “tokyo drift” is an exotica car.

  • Insane Cryptic

    he is a gay f*g that loves d*ck and loves curry up his indian *ss. he loves guys and he loves d*ck for breakfast lunch and dinner and for a midnight snack. last but not least he loves anmol he loves “his” fat juicy *ss d*ck. hey why are you being a insane cryptic

  • kashama

    kashama means panther in lingala (an african language from kongo) my african name is kashama