Last Update: April 28, 2017
  • Scrilth

    scrilth is white sc-mmy filth that old people get in the corners of their mouths, and when they talk, it sometimes stretches out into stringy bits, making you want to vom. ewwww that old dude has loads of scrilth around this mouth.

  • OLED

    oled = organic light emitting diode oled tv s-xy, hot, attractive trixie told her client that he looked very oled.

  • Beachwood

    a small town outside of toms river nj, known for nothing big…some ugly girls, a few good parties…and you cant find it on a map. yo lets go to beachwood to have a b-n-r at the beach “that chick looks good in in that bikini” “dude, you got beachwood” a rich upper cl-ss suburb on […]

  • fontina

    a sh-tty cheese that people add to things to make them seem fancy. come to applebee’s for our new steak and fontina sandwich!

  • Heisenblunt

    a blunt made using 2 rolling papers. as seen in season 1 of breaking bad when walt rolls a heisenblunt in jessie’s house my hands were so cold last night i had to roll a heisenblunt

  • bukola

    bukola is a sweet girl she is bubbly,and funny to be around she dont give a fxxx about what people say about her she as the cutest smile and a s-xy leg when she walks down the street she owns it. >do u know bukola >u mean the funny bubbly,bukola >yh >of couse i do […]

  • Marvin Gaye

    a man who helped many a man get laid. this is credited many a time to barry white, who also does this but marvin gaye was the person who made the original’s of “lets get it on” and “s-xual healing”(yet barry white sounds better when he signs “lets get it on” i played some marvin […]

  • What the fork?

    what the fork. can replace what the f-ck at a time where swearing is inappropriate, or unwise, eg, around children. it deems “wtf” to be more acceptable also. “what the fork dude?” “sorry” “what the fork!?” -child walks in- “what the fork?” “what the fork?” “whats up?” “wtf” “what does that mean” “er… what the.. […]

  • recovering wigger

    noun- a recovering wigger is a white male or female that is no longer a wigger (see wigger) they have gotten over the mental illess of believing they are back and now are trying to become a part of normal society. back in the late 1990s there was a surge of wiggers as the century […]

  • Smammered-hammered Dick

    1. when your so drunk you cant get your d-ck hard 2. when you so drunk you cant get and erection yo last night i was going down on this girl but i had smammered-hammered d-ck so nothing happened

  • Ameloblastic odontoma

    ameloblastic odontoma ameloblastic odontoma n. a benign mixed odontogenic tumor having histological characterisitics of both an odontoma and an ameloblastoma.

  • Pulling a rifath

    bull-sh-tting about some sick -ss sh-t and snitching when you get caught slippin… “man, you dont have a girlfriend…” “uh, yes i do, she got hit by a car… and her name is sharron…” (bullsh-t) “man, la was hardcore!!” (bullsh-t) “stop pulling a rifath b–tch”

  • Fuglymon

    a pokemon that is f’in ugly. your charzard is a fuglymon!

  • pussy sludge

    a very viscous stinky v-g-n-l discharge i tried to 69 with her but her p-ssy sludge made me throw up

  • Giraffoplasty

    the formal term used to describe a cosmetic medical procedure to look like a giraffe. this procedure is also known as a giraffe job. luke wanted more swag, so he got a giraffoplasty. now he’s a giraffe.

  • and yeah

    ‘and yeah’ is a highly recommended phrase to use at the end of any sort of presentation. anna: researchers have concluded that lions are indeed extinct. and yeah. ms. brown: that was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard. any thing that you cant say in frount of adults. i “and yeah’ed” so much last […]

  • Quallsy

    verb – to get wasted, and get tons of chicks. all around good time. all these girls excited. ohh, i know they like it. i’m so quallsy, so quallsy.

  • BangFat

    bangfat is probably the 2nd most popular couple amongst the k-pop community on twitter. the name bangfat is created by combining the two individuals names together; bang yongguk and roffat. they have experienced many hardships in their relationship due to it being a long distance couple and living in different countries. yongguk lives in south […]

  • Gay Tea

    a substance that is made when a c-m rag is soaked in water. the dried crust sp-nk lifts and mixes with the water like from a tea bag. though most commonly made inadvertantly by the act of cleaning, people have been know to drink the “dry c-m soaked water” on a dare or through an […]

  • mohicist

    promoting mohics josh capp is a mohicist

  • Potatoing out

    when one is in a state of consciousness or mind in which is comparable to a potato do you see that man over there? the one drooling on himself? yes, hes completely potatoing out.

  • dirty blonde

    dirty blonde means you have dark blonde hair. it gets the word “dirty” because common dirt is brown and “dirty blonde” hair is hair that looks as if it is blonde mixed with brown, making the blonde darker. “browny” isn’t a word, so you have to think of a synonym for brown, or something that […]

  • tury

    a guy that no girls live he has a small p-n-s and likes video games. omg there goes the guy with a small p-n-s tury

  • Put the choke hold on the one-eyed warrior

    the act of wacking off, jacking off, stroking off, rubbing one out, chokin the chicken, flogging the dolphin, milking the trouser snake, masturbating….etc even though i am at work,sometimes i feel it neccessary to run to the bathroom and put the choke hold on the one-eyed warrior.

  • Elevator Guy

    the korean comedian “noh hong-chul” who appears on psy’s gangnam style music video who does series of pelvic thrusts when the elevator opens. elevator guy gets me every time!

  • pecker donk

    the striking or thwacking of the p-ck-r(p-n-s) and often the b-lls or t-st-cl-s as well. accompanied by pain in end of d-ck and/or b-lls if they have been struck or not. p-ck-r donk!(hits groin area)

  • Face Pegging

    the act of giving head, f-ll-t–, oral to a strap on d-ld-. marcy loves a bit of face pegging with her big rubber veined throat destroyer.

  • acquittal

    is the judgment of a jury or judge that a person is not guilty. acquittal is a very strong word that police use

  • chexico

    china/mexico (northen california because there are so many chinese and mexican people there) dude theres so many chinese and mexicans here they should call it chexico chexico is the fictional island created for the chexicans. a chexican is dark haired and skinned and people commonly ask if they are chinese or mexican. when the answer […]

  • splurgio

    the act of being splurged by a s-xual acts. i had a splurgio night last night and can’t move my legs.

  • kyra anderson

    a wonderful girl. considered to be beautiful and a lady. kyra is selfless and kind hearted. she smiles even when it’s painful. she protects her friends whole heartedly and tries her best to keep them happy, but don’t cross her. as an anderson, she will make sure that those who hurt her loved ones experience […]

  • chill friend

    term used for s-xual partners that regularly engage in s-xual activities with each other, but do not share the usual emotional attachment of a standard relationship often used to describe two people who use each other solely for s-xual gratification and nothing else. usually this is a s-xual relationship that still allows for each partner […]

  • bmxboard

    an amazing website/forum for bmx riders dont bother joining www.bmxboard.com cause you cant f-ck off n00b, m-st-rb-t-s furiously, push with your arm, try kazaa and the all time best roach the tyres! bmx forum for the 1337, a place where the old and young gather to ramble and talk about everything and nothing and best […]

  • The 19 minute rule

    the rule of never having a girlfriend who lives more than 19 minutes away from you, so that you’ll always be able to get to her before your morning wood goes to waste. yo that girl was hot but it’s a 40-minute drive to get to her, so i p-ssed. remember the 19 minute rule!

  • mall kid

    a mall goth/punk/emo kid who stands outside of hot topic, spencers, or a somewhat obsecure store just because thats the cool hip place. mall kids also are the ones getting kicked out of the mall more then the mall rats. mall rats > mall kids dude look at the mallkid shes trying to be really […]

  • Adrenotoxin

    adrenotoxin adrenotoxin ad·re·no·tox·in (ə-drē’nō-tŏk’sĭn) n. a substance toxic to the adrenal glands.

  • the ground

    nickname for alcohol. word origin is when jesse zeller was at a party in which he drunkenly blurted out, “all you need is the ground”. soon after that, people at that party started calling alcohol, the ground. jesse: cole!!!! cole: what?! jesse: all you need is the ground being grounded “hey man, can you hang […]

  • Vancouver Summer

    the time of year when the weather transitions from the heat of summer one day to the cold and rain of winter the next. vancouver summer does not match the cl-ssic definition so it would be more accurate to call it sprautumn. to experience summer, extensive travel is often necessary to regions such as the […]

  • angry noob

    1. an angry noob that runs around stealing kills and then mocks your dead corpse by crouching up and down in the general area of your characters face. meant to be an emulation of a teabag. 2. a noob that runs around constantly saying “f-ck you” or “you f-ck-ng suck” every time you inflict damage […]

  • magilli

    abbreviation for magillicutty 1. that’s a mugilli if i’ve ever seen one. 2. if you make him mad he’ll go magilli on you a$$.

  • B187K

    1. a slob has been killed. 2. term that means death to slobs. you didn’t know?! it’s b187k all m-th–fuccin day!

  • enchiladas

    package or group of items. also related items to a topic. going the full distance or completing she went down on me and gave me the whole enchilada. the best comfort food anyone could make me. it’s feel good food. cheese, beef and/or chicken. get in the kitchen and make me some freaking enchiladas…please! word […]

  • Hubai

    a word used to describe a person who looks like a monkey you are such a hubai…

  • latief

    that small arab kid that likes tf2 person 1: you are such a latief! person 2: how is that so? person 1: because you’re an arab and you like tf2! person 2: oh like that one guy in gjis?

  • Step it Up

    when someone is doing something particularly poor and needs to raise the level. guy 1: bruv? you cant even get the être verb right? you need to step it up mate. guy 2: shut up bludrin. guy1: step it up. step it up. move yourself up a notch boy you need to step it up, […]

  • In-group Favoritism

    when a member of your tribe/church/cult says/does something stupid, and you choose not to call them out for it. synonyms: god’s love jimmy was concerned about timmy’s use of broadly inclusive language to slander those of brown persuasion, his in-group favoritism prevented him from pointing it out, because he understood the context.

  • Vivicious

    adjective – being deliberately cruel in a lively and animated way. madison is so vivicious; she makes fake facebook profiles to get back at her ex-boyfriends, but the people she creates are so fun! i wish they were my real friends.

  • bloopgaming

    bloopgaming is an australian gaming company. it provides high quality services at low prices. it is also considered the best server hosting service in aus, making it the most popular. wow, you have a bloopgaming server. yeah, isn’t it awesome.

  • Barbershop singing

    barbershop singing a style of singing in parts for small groups, usually four singers of the same s-x (“barbershop quartets”). the notes sung by the voices are usually close to each other in pitch, resulting in “tight” chords, or “close” harmony. note: barbershop singing flourished in the early twentieth century in the united states, and […]

  • beaird

    s-xy true stable man with a loving heart. he’s a beaird.