Last Update: February 26, 2017
  • Cencal truck

    a cencal truck is a truck with an outrageously big lift, big chrome rims and relatively small tires. said truck is usually seen with powder coated lift components and sagging in the rear. these trucks are extremely clean, they are not used for work, and see nothing but pavement. “hey brah wanna go do some […]

  • Yoderanium

    the coolest website/network around. founded in part by a guy nicknamed “yoder” he has taken on a lesser role, but his baby lives on. hey, check out the yoderanium forums at www.ypenterprise.net, or their irc server, irc.ypenterprise.org

  • kenyalle

    a beautiful smart girl who is taken for granted by almost anyone she meets . she is smart , goofy, intelligent , and fun to hang around with . she blesses peoples lives that she comes into even if they don’t see it or realize it . she’s someone everybody comes to for advice.because she […]

  • Aerospace Party

    a meeting on thursdays at a f*ck*ng amazing sports bar where men get together to talk about chicks, beer, and how much we hate school…oh yeah, and l/d max. man, that aerosp*ce party was fun, good thing i was using my l/d/ max

  • skr8

    another way of using the term straight also written as str8 for those who like to slang words. meaning when a person is alright,cool,or sometimes chillin’. -yo u wanna blaze a phatty?? nah ma n*gg* am ‘skr8’…

  • Shrink fetish

    a fetish where you fantisize of shrinking to small sizes. links to giantess fetish, crush fetish, vore, and macrophillia. some people with this fetish will like to be crushed under a foot, bewtween br**sts , or under an *ss. but some like to be eaten. most likly people with this will roleplay more often. ” […]

  • Razzmoon

    derrogatory term for a jamican who specializes in night time burglaries, auto theft, etc. some razzmoon stole my hubcaps last night.

  • say what now

    a person says this phrase when he is surpised to hear something and wants it to be repeated in how i met your mother say what now is said a couple of times by barney and quinn (barney’s ex fiance, a stripper)

  • Monkey swipe

    using primate like long arms to attempt to wipe your enormous *ss, but instead dunking the toilet paper in the water and wiping wet. annoyed by the fact that he had to accomplish another monkey swipe kelly decided to lay off of the moon pies.

  • It loves it

    variation of loves it, where the additional stands for surrounding conditions or fate in general. mainly used in golf where the additional refers to the golf course as an ent*ty. that shot’s started out down the left but it loves it, the wind’s blowing the ball right back towards the target. that doesn’t look like […]

  • Sam Clauson

    super thirsty chick, wants boyfriend to ask for nudes b*tch you’re being such a sam clauson just send them

  • reverse schiavo

    (s*xual innuendo) keep feeding them your “man meat” and cut them off of breathing. “i turned your mom around after doing her doggie style and gave her a reverse schiavo” reference “she was taken off food life support but given air”

  • shireshire

    land of milk and honey. capital is hanham (otherwise known as ebayebay land) that ginger bloke called chris was from shireshire.

  • hands on deck

    someone who can fight. the type of person who’ll knock ya *ss out in a fight. try me if you want shawty, i got hands on deck.

  • flaucinaucinihilipilificate

    very very small with little or no value/worth. its flaucinaucinihilipilificate

  • dirty miner

    when you spit your chewing tobacco into your girls v*g*n* then proceed to bang the cr*p outta her…may cause a mild burning sensation. “i gave your sister a dirty miner….she didnt like it too much”

  • Blue Submarine No. 6

    blue submarine no.6 is a pretty bad*ss anime about the once famous and well respected scientist zorndyk* who has bred a new genre of living being, one that thrives on the oceans and lives to destroy humans. zorndyk* believes it is time that the humans were relieved of their rule of the earth. it is […]

  • Nechrowank

    when a nechrophiliac becomes aroused but has no dead bodies to make love with then they may go through the process of decreasing the temperature of their hand by sticking it in the freezer/ holding it in ice or frozen peas/ standing outside in wick in january and having a snowball fight without gloves. following […]

  • Accomplished

    completed; done; effected: an accomplished fact. highly skilled; expert: an accomplished pianist. having all the social graces, manners, and other attainments of polite society. to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one’s mission. to complete (a distance or period of time): to have accomplished the age of 70; we […]

  • aboyzzz

    a super hot chick with a rocking body. is a great friend and enjoys giving and receiving b*tterfly kisses whoa look at that hottie…shes such an aboyzzz

  • Unbathe

    one who smells like not washed. like they haven’t taken a bath in forever and 21 days . (rip messy mya) one who lacks the smell of dove or other body washes. one who reeks of homeless. d*mn, those grungy dudes in cc’s smell like unbathe. dude, f*ck*ng shower already, you smell like unbathe. the […]

  • Hackfresse

    the german word for a man or woman who is really ugly as night. the *ssociation is that “hack” means that the face ( german slang: fresse) looks like been chopped by a mixer. 1. mein gott, hat die eine hackfresse. 2. mit der hackfresse würde ich nachts die laternen meiden. backpfeifengesicht ² face that […]

  • Cuntsmella

    an old italian woman with a smelly c*nt c*ntsmella called!

  • Badozen

    adj. (buh-dozen) a word to describe a very large quant*ty; the estimated amount of something that is equal to or greater than a b*tt-load of dozens. shannon has a “badozen” purses that she doesn’t even use.

  • reflexology

    a holistic health technique that involves m*ssaging, kneading, pressing or otherwise touching a series of points on the feet so as to bring about deep relaxation and a state of overall well-being for the whole person. reflexology reduces stress, improves blood and nerve supply, and encourages the body to seek its own balance. after receiving […]


    “fear of not staying in” – opposite mindset of fomo, where you don’t have the fear of missing out, but rather dread having to leave your place to do social things. “i already confirmed “yes” to be there, but man, does that couch look really inviting. call it a case of fonsi – i’m seriously […]

  • North Carolina Headbutt

    when two men are going to town on a womans b**bs and they get so carried away that they accidentally headb*tt each other. a north carolina headb*tt is a good thing. guy 1: dude, me and a buddy were motorboating courtney so good last night that we did the north carolina headb*tt. guy 2: you […]

  • stupid awesome

    if something is “stupid awesome,” it is so unreasonably awesome that only someone who is unable to reason at all, a stupid person for example, can fully appreciate how awesome that thing is without their head exploding. cream comes in an iced variety now? that is stupid awesome!

  • Tyamber

    a very beautiful woman.generally has some form of hidden talent that will make her very wealthy later on in life. she might’ve not been the sort in high school,but some years later tyamber became a very famous author

  • Berry Bounce

    when a woman paints her br**sts blue and jumps up and down in a drunken manner. “i motorboated sarah last night while she berry bounced all over me.”

  • saiyuki

    an anime version of the famous chinese novel “journey to the west” (aka “monkey king”) with a big twist! created by minekura kazuya, saiyuki is about four guys- a monk with a gun, a s*xy perverted kappa, an 18 year old kid with a bottomless stomach, and a human turned demon with the most sweetest […]

  • Madeline Gonzalez

    the most gorgeous, care free girl you will meet. she is super sweet and flat out hilarious. she has beautiful eyes and is absoloutly amazing! you will never find a better girl than her! girls want to be her. guys want to be with her. “that girl is so funny and gorgeous. her name must […]

  • antiyumalicious

    specifically if a guy is not good looking, or “yummy” that fat old guy over there is really antiyumalicious.

  • Co-ruminating

    co-ruminating has nothing to do with cows…but it can be bad for girls. is a way for adolescents (especially girls) to create new source of depression and anxiety fixating on their problems and excessively talking with another person about problems through sms text, e-mails, chats, social networks, creating a “vicious cycle” that feeds on itself […]

  • skillywiggle

    (verb) to vigorously m*st*rb*t* one’s own p*n*s after *j*c*l*t**n until it becomes limp. john blew his warm, thick load all over her saggy br**sts and skillywiggled himself to sleep.

  • lacclolith

    a s*xah dragonboi. often involved in boofka. i wonder if nagisa lacclolith is ever going to read this…

  • vomitizing

    something that makes you want to vomit. weather it be clothes, relating to sports — a really bad p*ss or shot, or even someone’s face. usually used at the end of a sentence. “her shirt is vomitizing” “that shot was vomitizing” “_________’s face it vomitizing”

  • cancer crayon

    most commonly known as a cigarette, it’s shape resembles an innocent crayon, filled with cancer causing chemicals. bob: bro, i’m gonna go outside and light a cig, you want one? harry: dude, you mean a cancer crayon? bob: i guess, but cig or cigarette sounds better. harry: i’m straight. enjoy you cancer-filled crayon bob: will […]

  • sneaky little ninjas

    a phrase used when someone keeps a secret from you. sharon: will and maddie have been going out for 2 whole months! zane: for real! you sneaky little ninjas!

  • phadke

    to screw someone and to subsequently screw them over joe: hey dude…i phadke’d that girl so bad!

  • clocktopus

    a person, particularly a lame person who waste lots of time to avoid certain situations, who is afraid to see the time. “hey, dude, don’t you have football practice in an hour?” “uhh… it’s in an hour? i think i have to go do some ch*r*s really quick.” “you f*ck*ng clocktopus.”

  • Gamer’s Advocate

    much like a “devil’s” advocate, a gamer’s advocate tempts and teases the nerves of a natural gamer, forcing them to play or pay for a game that they’ll naturally regret for the rest of their life. gamer’s advocates can also steer a lost gamer soul away from endulging in a game that will ultamitely destroy […]

  • Gangsta Dump

    to p**p “gangsta” style, laying sideways. most often done by clueless inner city youths who think doing anything on it’s side, makes it “gansta” also known as punching sam walton. yo wanna ride wit’ us,? den yo gotta p**p right! pull down dose drawers and gangsta dump, yo! flash some gang signs wit yo toes!

  • friends list

    noun. commonly used on blogging sites such as lj, a ‘friends list’ consists of users that a person frequently comments on and/or ‘talks’ w/. when a user is added to a person’s friends list, the user’s entries appear on that person’s friends page. flist is commonly used as an abbreviation. user: hey, add me to […]

  • mofriggen

    syn: mother fricken, fricken, friggen wow, this party is so mofriggen awesome!

  • chinese stinger

    imported goods from the far east that prove to be very cheap to purchase, but on arrival prove to be extremely dangerous or deadly. “that box of nerf darts you bought are goddam chinese stingers” “don’t eat those! my dog just exploded – those noodles are chinese stingers!”

  • disturbate

    verb. to get gratification through self-interruption. to pleasure oneself by purposefully causing one’s own interference. to gain satisfaction, happiness, elation, or joy by interrupting one’s own peace, quiet, rest, or harmony. other forms include: disturbator, disturbation, disturbates, disturbating. as usual, just when everything in his life is in order and he has seemingly achieved a […]

  • Meatstick Meringue

    yet another slang term for gizz, sperm, s*m*n, splooge the p*rnstar shot a load of meatstick meringue on the p*rn starlet’s tanned b*tt cheek

  • The Yaddollah

    old iranian for small p*n*sed hamster look alike man. look at that ugly guy he looks like a yaddollah.

  • fat farts

    a fart expelled by a living being which weighs more than 200 pounds. my aunt fat farted last night, it was terrible. the farting sound resulting from trapped air escaping from between the sweaty bellies of two fat people f*cking. (aka- beef queef) that couple in the adjoining motel room kept me awake for over […]