Last Update: January 23, 2017
  • prophylactize

    verb: the act of utilizing a device to prevent the spread of disease. i prophylactized myself with a chast*ty belt. i prophylactized myself with a condom.

  • eva longloria

    improper spelling of a famous actress’ name. google: your search- eva longloria naked – did not match any doc*ments

  • Fugkalistic

    1. of or pertaining to fugk (the g is silent in the pr*nunciation). 2. alternate defintion: cool, hot, great, solid, tight, phat, sweet, good, excellent, radical, most fly, extreme, super sweet, great, greatness, pimp, super fly, rad, hott, clean, imense. “holy sh*t, papa john’s pizza is fugkalistic!” “praise jesus, that church service was freaking fugkalistic!” […]

  • Dick sucking height

    a short woman, such that her mouth is at the same alt*tude as your p*n*s when both parties are standing straight. also known as dsh, or pdsh. 1. d*mn, look at how short that girl is! she’s d*ck sucking height. 2. i met this hottie last night…she was pdsh. 3. *standing behind a short woman […]

  • Shnolen

    an extremely large p*n*s dude i would totally love that shnolen up my *n*l p*ssageway.

  • islands of adventure

    the other perhaps better part of universal studios florida. islands include harry potter land, marvel, dr. seuss, cartoons, and jur*ssic park. dude 1: lets go to disney world dude 2: nah lets go to islands of adventure they have harry potter!

  • Latea

    a very beautiful women that has eyes a man would get lost in, but what lies behind those eyes is sadness and alot of crying, but she will be happy when she finds that great man that will sweep her off her feet. i would love to make latea happy

  • bloguette

    a annoyingly long blog with no real substance and hard to read. no thank you, i really can not stomach reading another bloguette at the moment.

  • Arterial forceps

    arterial forceps arterial forceps n. locking forceps with sloping blades for grasping the end of a blood vessel until a ligature is applied.

  • hearting

    the action of being in like, l*st, or love with someone. related to the act or statement to heart him/her. generally accompanied by fascination/obsession with the individual in question. typically used when the situation is too ambiguous to establish a true definition of what the relationship is….the fact that hearting is someone also sounds like […]

  • yetti sprinkler

    when a man with a very hairy *ss has a girl pull his d*ck from behind as he then proceeds to p*ss on her face through his *ss hair. after he is finished she sucks his d*ck from behind, spits his load into his hairy *ss, and finishes by rubbing her face in it. dude, […]

  • tossin’ softies

    flacid, male *j*c*l*t**n (involuntary pelvic thrusts may occur) all up in da club, tossin’ softies.

  • jazz phelanges

    an energetic combination of the movement of your fingers and ridiculously exuberant facial expression 1) jazz phelanges are most frequently applied to express excitement toward a grand success or something totally epic, i.e. standing at the summit of tall mountains, but 2) they are put into action even more frequently in reference to our boss, […]

  • duhtuh

    suffix that can follow virtually any word, phrase, or sentence. generally it is used to take the edge off of a statement, question, or exclamation that has the potential of offending a person(s). can also confirm that one is “just kidding”. first used to make fun of a typo made by a secretary for a […]

  • priskey

    noun: a virgin., a person who can never close the deal. let’s go out, don’t be such a priskey!

  • french dicksucker

    someone who is in love with france always wants to talk the about thegreatness of france. kai freund, is the ultimate french d*cksucker. he is always up france’s *ss. yeah, f*ck france!

  • Bonurian

    rare species thats known for its unfinished beard. this species day consists of eating large amounts of protein foods and sleeping. these species are known for their gay att*tude and femenine feet. rare species bonurian

  • blackfox

    an online name for someone who is a huge f*ggot man that kid is such a blackfox

  • lemcke

    awesome, beastly, and extrememly kind hearted..but they don’t take sh*t from anyone! also very smart and s*xy i wish i was a lemcke…

  • hitchhooker

    a prost*tute that targets motorists to offer her services, thus appearing as a hitchhiker. especially common around gas stations used by long-haul truckers. that hitchhooker tried to appear like a hitchhiker when whe saw a crown vic coming, but her wh*r* outfit gave her away like nothing.

  • Neymar

    the new star of brazilian football. equally skilled than their compatriots ronaldinho and ronaldo, neymar plays for fc barcelona in spain. this call to become the next great player from brazil in the 2014 world cup. regates improbable, shots are accurate and genius neymar cover letter! if messi and towards the front of barcelona was […]

  • sativa

    a sativa is a type of marijuana/plant that will typically produce a euphoric, energetic, cerebral high. and is very hard to grow indoors. “dude i just smoked some sativa type weed and i am bouncing off the walls” “d*mn you smoked it all do you know how hard and long it took me to grow […]

  • kruft

    the substance which resides on the bottom of one’s *sshole, formed by a mixture of old remaining feces, dried up male love seed and the fluffy remains from underwear. recent developments in *n*l science have concluded that kruft is the main cause for an itchy *n*s. vaseline comes in handy to ease the itch and […]

  • runger

    the hunger felt while running the smell of those takeaways we ran past gave me runger

  • validatenfreude

    a mixture of emotions consisting of equal parts validation and schadenfreude. most generally felt when someone else calls your ex an *ssh*l* on public forums such as twitter or facebook. i felt kinda b*tchy when i saw that tweet about him\her being an *sshole\c*nt and all the retweets and replies of agreement, until someone pointed […]

  • PopoZao

    a dirty talentless leech that sponges off his baby’s mama i gots me a record deal from popozaoin’ britney spears in the *ss to have everything in the world handed to you, despite neither deserving nor earning any of it and then throwing it away, all while ruining other’s lives. becoming a running joke and […]

  • pundigga

    when you get a fork and pierce your *n*l cl*t with it and use a stud made of solid vegemite nugget called a scrotch. holy sh*t john my i just gave myself a pundigga and my mum made me a scrotch for it!!

  • geek office

    the office at a college or university maintained by the inst*tution to help students deal with technical problems with their computers. annie’s mac wasn’t working right when she booted it, so she took it to the geek office and they fixed it for her.

  • man cabbage

    the pubic hair of a male shawn cringed in pain when his underwear pulled out a tangled strand of his man cabbage. joe: dude, i had a nightmare that this crazy chick waxed off my man cabbage. ted: ouch man, ouch. a) a man whos had a labotomy b) a real lazy fat bloke with […]

  • Fattu

    someone who’s scared of doing something, precisely illegal stuff, like breaking rules etc. pr*nounced as – fut_2 rixzab- hey! aaron we’re going on a school bunk, wanna join? aaron- no bro, you guys enjoy. rixzab- why so fattu bro? a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily […]

  • Reverse Hitchhiker

    a) a right overhanded handjob given by a p*ssenger in an automobile. sally’s left wrist was sprained so she gave me a reverse hitchhiker on the drive home.

  • Well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake

    a line from american pie: the wedding. it basically means “holy sh*t, i didn’t expect this…” steve stiffler: well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake!

  • broken man

    a person who has constantly acc*mulated irreputable damage throughout their entire life. damage which cannot be easily repaired if at all. also someone who has been beaten into submission by life’s adversities or has given up on trying to overcome the obstacles. a song by metallica called, the unforgiven might be about a broken man. […]

  • big sleazy

    n. one who is of the highest level of sleaziness. when big sleazy left, new orleans changed its name from the big easy to just the fleur de lis symbol in protest.

  • hoopskirt ho

    one who plays dress-up on the weekends with mommy and daddy’s money. they usually gather in groups and dress in old garb to mimic people who have died who actually had lives that these losers are obviously jealous of. they prance around as though they are actually important, all the while, they are not, only […]

  • Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?

    the last words of christ, said just before he died. can be said by others when they feel they have been let down. translation to english is “my g*d, my g*d, why hast thou forsaken me?” “and when the sixth hour had come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. and […]

  • eh steve

    from homestarrunner.com “dewd, did you see that creepy guy on homestar runner yet? like, the eh steve thing?” eh steve character in strong bad’s “sweet cuppin’ cakes” concept who is not exactly a person. looks like a brown block with eyes and a mouth. shows up once an episode to deliver his catchphrase – “eh! […]

  • Elfward

    a cross between a gay vampire and an elf from the versace north pole. but anyways jessica, i want you to understand something. i love you for you and everything you are. from your head down to your weird looking toes because in my eyes your perfectly beautiful like a walking angel. i want you […]

  • Jason Young from Harrisburg

    jason young is a f*g that stole bam`s heartagram from his mercedes, he aslo stole cd`s from the car. bam has it on tape, but the lazy police dont wanna go to harrisburg to arrest him. did jason young from harrisburg stole bams hearagram? – yes.

  • ne’ermind

    a “ye olde english” way of pr*nouncing “nevermind”. rhymes with fair mind. you’re busy with work? ah, ne’ermind then. not the same as nevermind. “you what? ne’ermind…”

  • kenzie winkler

    a friend who goes to the wrong school, missing out. but is the funniest person ever and needs to be with her best friend kenzie winkler goes to u of o, but her best friend does not

  • Golden Freezer

    when gold bond is put on a males genitalia before receiving oral s*x so that the female gets the extreme cooling feeling in her mouth, while her saliva gives the male a slight cooling feeling. male: sue go get the gold bond! i want to give you a golden freezer! female: yes! i love when […]

  • friendsion

    when you like someone and the bond between you two isnt s*xual tension, it’s friendsion. it like s*xual tension without the s*xual part pete: dude i think jill likes you. jauques: i thought so too but i found out its just friendsion. pete: b*mmer. on social networking sites, facebook in particular, when you have a […]

  • Guilt Wash

    when you are in a public bathroom and you have no intention of washing your hands after using the bathroom, until a random stranger comes in, at which point you wash your hands out of fear that the person will think you are a dirtball. ty was finished peeing, and a man walked into the […]

  • Dead Duracell

    when you are having intercourse with a deaf girl and her hearing aid keeps ringing untill the batteries are competely drained. i totaly gave the girl from the school for the deaf the dead duracell last night.

  • Kewlbee

    another way of saying cool usually in a conversation with other people. friend a) i thought we would go out later and get something to eat and ride around friend b) kewlbee

  • Jennika

    a beautiful person with a great personality any one would be luck to have a friend like her verry turstworthy and can make you laugh for days me: sigh jennika: whats wrong? me: im sad jennika: well dont be im here now! me: laugh

  • bippus

    a very loyal calm dog. to be bippus it to be a master best friend. stays by your side no matter what and will freak out if you are not around for a long period of time. a bippus does not need attention and does not seek attention but does constantly thirst for it. a […]

  • on the crucial

    what one says when trying to stress the truthfulness of his/her statement. it can more or less replace seriously, definitely, or mos def. there’s no way you got tickets to that show last night. come on now… no, i did. on the crucial.

  • pizzaholic

    someone who eats pizza more than any other food in their lives. them: what do you want for dinner? me: well, i’m a pizzaholic. pepperoni please.