Last Update: December 8, 2016
  • emailnesia

    1. when you sit down at your computer to type an email but forget what you were going to send and to who. 2. when you get up from your computer and forget what you just read in your email. “oh cr*p. i was going to send out a very important email, except i forgot […]

  • Bullshit Ohio!

    a saying meaning “ya right,” or just simply “no.” used to get a point across more clearly and often makes people laugh. you gonna do it? bullsh*t ohio! im not doin that! -or- i think i saw you there bullsh*t ohio! theres no way you would have seen me there!

  • trophy casing

    the act of taking a gigantic single p**p in the toilet and not flushing it so the next person to look in the toilet sees your humungous single terd. it helps to throw away the toilet paper somewhere else like in a trash can or in another toilet. sizes vary, but are expected to be […]

  • peanut burger

    a variation of the peanut b*tter sandwich. however this process involves the use of a burger bun rather than ordinary white/whole wheat/ whatever bread you use. child: “hey mom can i have a peanut b*tter sandwich?” mother: “sorry hun, were out of bread” child: “f*ck it, ill just have a peanut burger

  • Nu-Core

    nu-core is a steriotype that falls under this deffinition: a follower of the nu-core scene is into nu-metal, such as emo style bands, and cr*ppy no talent punk bands that play nothing but power chords because they dont know enough about music to write anything talented. either that or hardcore music, such as those bands […]

  • The Tecmo Bowl

    a s*x act that involves banging to near completion in a version of “doggystyle” that involves sitting on a toilet. just prior to climax, the guy inserts the “nintendo thumb” of his left hand into his lady friend’s b*tth*l* while simultaniously rubbing the “a/b thumb” of his right hand over her cl*t*r*s and begins to […]

  • koobie

    feeling..s*xy, h*rny. i feel so koobie with you.

  • debitchification

    the making a b*tch less of such. she’s such a wh*r*, she needs some deb*tchification.

  • Wyriel

    skilled strategist and excellent tact*tion. superb mageborn player

  • shutyoazzup

    commonly used when the other party is getting on your last nerve and refuses to calm down, or be quiet. pr*nounced: shut-yo-azz-up. say quickly. timmy: “hey billy, how was your weekend? mine was swell!” billy: “timmy, shutyoazzup!!”

  • hereper

    a person with s*xual needs that is seen as somewhat demanding, and socially frowned upon. the masked hereper had a desperate look in his eyes as he forced me on to the bed.

  • mehcakes

    generally used in place of a exclamatory curse word or expletive to show casual indifference and annoyance to a situation. johnny: weren’t you supposed to take out the trash before 6:00? it’s almost 5:50. bob: mehcakes. activate javascript

  • Unmetal

    any body who is not a member of “team flying v full shred” michael “haggis,im a w*nker” pattie mclepricon o’meara

  • crowmo

    n. 1. one who is pr*ne to create excessive destruction and chaos upon imbibing excessive quant*ties of alcohol. 2. someone who may become violently adamant when his opinion is challenged. 3. one who jumps on the bandwagon of athletic teams who possess the most dominant player in their respective sport. often times, this player will […]

  • Accessory symptom

    accessory symptom accessory symptom n. a symptom that usually but not always accompanies a certain disease. also called concomitant symptom.

  • Dead Thread

    1. to post an extremely awkward comment on someones wall or photo on facebook, thus abruptly stopping any previous comments or conversations on that thread. 2. when someone with no life makes a comment on facebook that is so awkward that no one wants to respond or comment after it, making the thread inactive or […]

  • Shareed

    (a) the act of fornicating with the intent of thrusting ones p*n*s through a v*g*n* until it hits their partner’s skull (b) givin a girl some “deep d*ck” guy: ay you seen shorty at the mall? she gonna get shareed son guy 2: negro please! you aint gonna hit that right! she is not down […]

  • improachment

    when your married to the worst wife ever and she annoying you and crosses the middle line in the bed. if you cross the middle line of our bed that’s improachment

  • Hollow’s Eve

    the festive act of taking a spoon and scooping the sh*t out from another person’s *n*s. dude i got a wicked hollow’s eve last night!

  • beerwang

    the act of spinning the p*n*s in a 360 degree motion while shot gunning a budweiser beer. “hey bro let’s grab a six pack and beerw*ng till we need more beer.”

  • Pantsgasm

    having just *rg*smed inside your pants, involuntarily. john said, “dude, this cheeseburger gave me a pantsgasm.”

  • harvie

    perfection; usually a man who has an abnormally large c*ck; often has an undeniable ability to make those around him love him; literally flawless person 1: “i had s*x with 11 girls last night” person 2: “you’re a real justin harvie”

  • faux septum ring

    a fake septum ring that clips on. usually looks very real. sarah: come on man, let’s get matching septum piercings! molly: dude, my mom would kill me. although, i could get a faux septum ring!

  • Kristyl

    1.the act of being “c.h.u.b.b.y.” 2.a tarutaru white mage or bard located on the shiva server. spd: lol you’re like a kristyl! magefire: what? spd: you know… chubby. magefire: lol kristyl: …

  • Durbrain

    a common insult among 2-8 year olds, often uttered when under verbal attack or in protection of ones reputution or status. “you’re not coming to my party, you durbrain” “be quiet marie, you are a durbarian” 1 more definition someone that is so dumb that all you feel like responding to them any time they […]

  • Surprise punch

    a desperate punch that is thrown usually into the face, in order to flee from an opponent, enemy, threat, etc. guy 1: i had to surprise punch the thief who was going to stab me, in order to run away from him. guy 2: ouch! bet he didn’t see it coming!

  • mammembert

    a variety of cheese made from human breast milk. rupert murdoch prefers the subtle flavor of mammembert over traditional camembert.

  • Public Masturbater

    one guy one trench coat one sick chub lots public s*m*n. gabe, the ultimate public m*st*rb*t*r, was masturbating at the grapevines mills and his mom spotted him so he ran. he was shot by seth rogen.

  • protonerd

    protonerd is the social evolution of being a “nerd” into both an incredibly dorky, but socially competent individual. did you see that protonerd give the keynote speech, charm that super model and fix that old ladies computer all at once?!?!?

  • wood grain grippin

    when your ride’s got a wood grain steerin wheel “swervin while i’m workin tha wood wheel, whateva city i’m in, i find out where tha hood is” it means working hard, all day everyday. boss sippin card dippin grant wood grain grippin-still tippin

  • vacation brain

    the 1-2 days before vacation when you can’t get much work done because your brain is already on vacation i haven’t been able to get sh*t done at work today. i have vacation brain. 1 more definition when you feel like you’re on vacation and you actually aren’t. dude: brooo forget the meeting, let’s go […]

  • Fuck You Tip

    a f*ck you tip is given, when, in a coffee shop, deli, or any store with a tip jar, the customer tips the clerk with change that is 10 cents or less. this is called a f*ck you tip because, although your giving the person money, it is an insult to give someone such a […]

  • mumification

    when someone has being drinking to the point of intoxcation and p*sses out.someone then m*st*rb*t*s on there face and then puts tissues on,so when they wake up the tissue is stuck on there face. hank busted a load on rachels face when she p*ssed out and was nice enough to leave tissue on her face […]

  • Pocahontas

    a beautiful native american girl that has long dark hair, beautiful eyes, gorgeous skin. near perfection. a g*ddess. 9 more definitions s*xy native american female wit thik dark hair dark brown pretty eyes and sunkissed skin, not blak asian hispanic native american john: “look at that s*xy pocahontas” levi: “yea,she’s native american,not black or no […]

  • texting person

    someone (most probably emotionally unavailable) who relies on electronic forms of communication with other people…sometimes even afraid to talk on the phone…perhaps someone who wants to hide something (e.g. beaing a cheater) please do not text me, i am not a texting person. can you please call me when you are ffree?

  • Gangtorio

    gangtorio is a style of life, the way in which someone dresses, acts, and lives. one can only be gangtorio whilst under the influence of extacy. the style is very unique and is quite intimidating to others. matt is gangtorio! a group of gangtorio were spotted walking the streets last night!

  • Church’s Chicken

    business chain started by george w. church a former incubator salesman. church’s chicken offers quality fried chicken original and spicy as well as honey-b*tter biscuits. located on 2806 west cermak rd. person 1 “ohh theres church’s chicken!!!!” person 2 “chuuuuuchhhhhh!!!”

  • Hedi Slimane

    the notorious god of aesthetics who, looking more like an animated tim burton character than a human being, is renowned for his work in photography as well as designs in fashion at both dior homme and saint laurent. the “h” in his first name is silent. hedi slimane is the reason you own skinny jeans.

  • Culinary Slave

    every woman’s secret fantasy. a man that can cook, bake and make coffee and would willingly do so. i wish i had a culinary slave when i get home tonight. my culinary slave came over tonight.

  • mockrestraint

    suppressing the urge to mock at an inappropriate time such as meetings with upper management, your parents, young children, your children’s teacher/princ*p*l at weddings and/or funerals. i had to exercise the highest degree of mockrestraint when i noticed my cousin at the funeral wearing white pantyhose and doc martin’s.

  • creeping

    following what is going on in someone’s life by watching their status messages on instant messengers such as msn, and their updates to their social networking profiles on websites like facebook or mysp*ce. akin to stalking in the real world, but usually done to people who are your friends that would normally share this information […]

  • anal distrify

    malfunction in the *ss which rectiles water into your sh*tter pipes marcio had the sh*ts for 3 weeks so marcio now has an *n*l distrify


    a person who believes his or her own bullsh*t! a bullidiot will try and convince you that they are telling the truth about some off the wall made up high school dream of being famous kinda like al bundy scoring five touchdowns in one game.another example would be the person who has to always say […]

  • wgft

    literal definition: whats good for tonight comes from the latin phrase: loudus whate goodo for tonighte when heads are chilling and need a place to party they ask wgft bro 1: yo head wgft? bro 2: sh*ts good at jamars house

  • The Grey Man

    the “grey man,” you must become the grey man, you should act like the grey man. this term describes the intentional act of dressing and behaving in an inconspicuous manner, in order to avoid any unwanted attention from strangers or authorities. the goal is to dress, walk, and behave as a local, without attracting any […]

  • Twudee

    punjabi for yours!! twudee manu!!

  • penis in the castle

    a p*n*s that lives and rules over a castle and a kingdom, whose main goal is to slay the v*g*n*s in caves that terrorize the citizens of his kingdom. the first such p*n*s appeared in britain in 1543, when the great king *sshole left his kingdom in the hands of his grandson, the p*n*s, instead […]

  • Sperry Fairy

    a phrase often used to designate the preppy, douchey, ent*tled, often “sperry top-sider” wearing, d*ckholes of north-eastern descent, who are huge p*ssy b*tches. it is not uncommon for these douchenozzle’s to be seen paring their “vineyard vines” attire, or their american flag short shorts, with a pair of “sperry top-siders”. all in all, if you […]

  • Respexsual

    to remain respectful while discussing or dealing with, in any manner, any topic s*xual in nature. while having lunch with his female co-workers, d. was quite respexsual when the discussion turned to dating and mature relationships.

  • P whiped

    when a guy is whipped be his girl friend. she really whips his back. the only reason the guy takes it is because he wants some p*ssy. richi is so p whiped that he was in the hosipitial for a week form an infection form his girlfriends whip.