Last Update: June 22, 2017
  • Hungry Homer

    a fat guy who eats a meal during s-xual intercourse. phil – “i was so hungry last night i made myself a footlong blt sub.” bam margera – “you fat f-ck! that wasn’t the only thing you did… you hungry homer!”

  • gasplimation

    it is a mixture between gasp and exclamation. like if you are really surprised and regular gasp just isn’t enough. it adds a exclamation to your gasp. “when her mom told her that she was pregnant again, even after the surgery she was in total gasplimation.”

  • le lavandou

    the french exit off the hershey highway i went to le lavandou because i heard french broads tan topless, but there was only sausage.

  • Sazh

    v. constantly talking/complaining about how old you are. often intended to be heartwarming and quirky, but ends up becoming annoying and upsetting. old people frequently employ this technique, especially the old homeless. root word, sazh katzroy, resident african-american of final fantasy xiii, looks relatively young and has a young child, but never ceases to mention […]

  • cluster mug

    3 or more muggings happening at the same time. did you hear about kelly, amber, and stacy? they got cl-ster mugged!!

  • IM Rape

    the act of talking using one word per im so your talking like this and it makes alot of aim beeps and its annoying jesus christ dude ashley was totally im raping me just a minute ago… it was soo annoying. dont ever im rape anybody

  • zylen

    a really cool and funny person. meant to be a very helpful someone who has a lot of tolerance. blushes a lot, is probably very kind, sweet, and loving. especially to their lover~ also maybe called zy, zy-zy, zyley, len or lenzy. a rare name. “wow, zylen can deal with that? something so irritating?”

  • dickalicken

    adjective. meaning someone that is a c-ck-sucker, and acting like one. someone that is “d-ckalicken” is arrogant, rude, and has few friends. or sometimes people that aren’t douche-bags can be “d-ckalicken” but it’s rare. anyone who wears sleeveless shirts and snapbacks all the time is d-ckalicken. straight up tool bag

  • Ham Wallet

    nickname for a youthful, well kept v-g-n-. see also: bearded clam, lincoln tunnel, v-g-n-. mike: jenny? jenny: yeah mike? mike: i was thinking about melting your f-ck-ng face off by rocking your ham wallet for six hours, what do you think? jenny: sounds righteous, can dana come? mike: fat dana, or your sister dana? jenny: […]

  • urduniya

    an extremelyy dumm s-xxii human being wh0 originates from j0rdan..the landd of thee s-xxii…h0llaa y.0o person 1: murhaba where u from? person 2: palestine person 1: 0o cool person 2: and u? person 1: 0o ana urduniyaa person 2: are u serious! ur dummm s-xxii!

  • witchy

    slightly quirky, possibly having spiritual or mystical connotations. ‘that night was so witchy’

  • shaboof

    in a b-tch fight by ting, when 1 b-tch smacks the other bare hard u say ‘shaboof!’ wow did u hear what happened to laquisha? yes fam she got shaboofed!

  • Barber Shop Hoe

    a hoe that dresses like a man who more then likely gets her hair cut at a barber shop and not a beauty salon. “d-mn i would holla at her, but she look like a dude” “yea she just another barber shop hoe”

  • Pouze Bag

    a term coined by taylor & meaghan hatchard, which essentially means whatever you want it to. dude, she’s such a pouze bag. marie-bell went to the abortion clinic to have her pouze bag removed a few days ago. gimme, gimme, pouze bag, gimme pouze bag all i want for christmas is a pouze bag.

  • Five star moment

    an event where a person or group is publicly advised of their shortcomings. often in an abrupt and humiliating manner. late 20th century coinage pertaining to a band from the uk named five star and a phone-in interview on a popular uk childrens television show in the late 1980s. on national tv: sarah greene: ok […]

  • Buttoxing

    the act of putting ones bare b-tt against someone when they are not expecting it. yo dude i was totally daydreaming and then before i knew it he was b-ttoxing me.

  • niggerfast

    a synonym for fast. a slight advantage over simply fast, as black people are faster than regular people. the n in 802.11n wi-fi stands for n-gg-rfast. did you see kwontavius run by? i didn’t, that b-tch is n-gg-rfast!

  • Squangus

    person with a square head. woah look at that guy over there hes such a squangus! ikr, look at how square his head is!

  • Yupt

    when something is yupt it is a very s-xy welsh thing. mike is so yupt

  • Zsr

    zsr your sigs strong readable (shortwave transmission) zeta sedimentation ratio

  • Blandsome

    good looking, but you would lose him in a crowd. while generally attractive, being a trendvest-te, he was utterly blandsome.

  • home perm

    perms were in ,in the late 80,s…,but even though there out of style now … your still my home-boy..(out of style but cool) wat’z up home perm

  • Let Her Go

    famous song by p-ssenger. we all come and go in this world. enter and leave people’s lives. but then person who truly loves us, would prove this song wrong. sadly, most people realise they love someone once they let them go after taking them for granted. let her go – a song by p-ssenger.

  • physics package

    the nuclear components that comprise the core of a nuclear weapon; as opposed to the non-nuclear components. the combination of fissile uranium/plutonium, fusion fuel, high explosive lenses, tampers, and x-ray reflecting materials would be considered the ‘physics package’. other components of a weapon, such as guidance systems, triggers, and motors or engines would not. i […]

  • Hide the delorean

    used as a discreet way to ask someone to hide something else from a third party. a line taken from the film series “back to the future.” doc brown orders marty mcfly to hide a delorean time machine in order to keep it secret from the people of particular time periods. “sh-t man, the parents […]

  • Myspace Deceiving Default

    a trick people use on mysp-ce where thier default makes them look totally hot and when you lurk the rest of their pictures, turns out they’re ugly as f-ck. jessica: “wow, look at this guy’s default! he looks so fine!” -checks out the rest of his pictures- ashley: “oh wait…never mind…he just got lucky with […]

  • Swaraj

    the steamy and often painful result of consuming spicy curries, and other diarrhea inducing indian cuisine. this very fragrant word can be used as a verb or a noun, but it always results in the destruction of the bathroom in which it takes place. noun – that swaraj spit out of my -ssh-l- like venom […]

  • Academiac

    a person who is off-the-charts brilliant and insanely devoted to studying. poindexter hasn’t seen sunlight all week. all that academiac does is read his stupid dictionary.

  • Cailynne

    a very beautifull young girl with a great personality and a heart of gold!!! cailynne has a heart of gold.

  • ecumomics

    a postmanteau of economics + c-mming: the ‘study’ of s-xual partners; -n-lysis of one’s socio-s-xual circ-mstances from a supply-and-demand point of view. a person experiencing a high demand for s-xual action from multiple prospective partners is said to be in a good ec-momic position: “oh man, she is going out with five guys at the […]

  • etiket

    well known misician band from saint-petersburg, russia. andrey “hyb” vesenin , alexandr “oak” starodubow, alexander “exr” chirkunov met each other and bring happyness through their music . tech, progressive, minimal aren’t just words when guys get at work. who’ll be headliner of this party? ofcourse etiket do!

  • Shock Whore

    noun. a woman who does shocking things to get attention. just like a dj who says/does things to get ratings or get a rise out of people, it’s like that. it’s a sub-category of being an attention wh-r-. she is needy, she is unsettled, she doesnt know what she wants in life, so instead, she […]

  • Mexican Rainbow

    when a person eats really sh-tty mexican food so that a few hours later he or she – but mostly he, since girls don’t p–p – simultaneously sh-ts and vomits from both ends. once the purging begins, the person will get on their hands and knees, and the spewing will look like a rainbow. man, […]

  • Anuskwiks’ Hideous Painting

    a picture of a twelve-foot long erect p-n-s. once every year, it jumps out and goes on a rampage. one squad’s final transmission: sir…an unidentified object is coming our way. it’s four yards long and two yards wide. what? main screen turn on! p-n-s! what you say? p-n-s, sir, p-n-s! make your time for later. […]

  • Slippery Hawiian

    eating a pineapple off of a girl’s p-ssy. “i gave her a slippery hawiian last night . . . it tasted pretty good.”

  • lobbing the lizard

    something men do frequently and women never admit to doing there was a small window of opportunity for me to go about lobbing the lizard

  • doom dis dick

    when you buy doom 3 and realize you messed up big time. also used to describe your lame nerdy brother doom dis d-ck dawg!!!

  • e92

    bmw 3-series coupe that was released to the us as an `07 model and part of the “e90” generation. the 230hp 328i, 328xi (awd) and 300hp 335i are the two current versions available. 335xi will be available as an `08 model. e92’s are selling very well at the moment.


    “i love you more than a fat kid loves cake” a description of love. (on internet chat) amy: i love you babe. gabriella: ilymtafklc amy: aww, tysm!

  • soosool

    an adjective describing an individual (usually male) who has been overly protected by his parents and behaves in a wuss-like manner, acting somewhat girly, and overly sn-bish. a mama’s boy. the behavior displayed by such individual carries a negative social stigma. a soosool is usually a target for teasing and gossip. 1: what’s up with […]

  • Ramificale

    1) the underside of a horse, which is the most sensitive part of a horses body. 2) a word that can be used in place of any other word, to make a sentence sound just that much more rediculous. 3) a word that can be used in the game of ghost during long car rides, […]

  • girl juice

    an herbal elixir used, thou not exclusively, by those in the transgendered community, as an natural alternative to to help achieve feminization. empirical evidence has shown it to be superior to hrt for breast development in both men & women. mind mistress suggested that taking girl juice, would help me develop my body, to match […]

  • finger jousting

    noun – a sport in the same genre as thumb war where two people hold hands like they are arm wrestling accept they extend their index fingers on their arm wrestling hand. they then try to poke their opponent with that index finger without letting go of their hand. dude, www.fingerjoust.com is the shiznit! it’s […]

  • Drinner

    drinking alcoholic drinks as a subst-tute for actual food for dinner. when we go out for happy hour after work, we frequently do drinner. while drinking at the bar. “i’m too lazy to get food. d-mn, just gonna do drinner.”

  • iPhowner

    an owner of an iphone. these induviduals are far superior to everyone not owning an iphone. the iphowner’s will do anything to insure the safety of their iphone and could care less about others well being. i’m going to an iphone party, there’s a strict iphowner only policy. it’s simple aye. someone who owns an […]

  • Turbo Baby

    when one yells out that he or she has a turbo and is going really fast. a racing group in the dustball rally. one that loves to go fast in a turbocharged car when intoxicated. a c-cky racer and a sh-t talker. “it’s a turbo baby, a turbo” andy says when driving past another fast […]

  • IT recruiter

    a person who continually is confused with an employee of the unemployment office. out of work it people who do not have the skills to result in employment will often direct their frustration towards an it recruiter for not being able to find them a job. it recruiter: sorry, (person lacking skills) but the client […]

  • dirlick

    1. an ignorant person 2. an -sshole 3. a person you would say dur to. 4. literally, ‘d-ck licker’ keyon: that was a corny joke. akil: shut up, dirlick!

  • freaksterical

    freak·ster·i·cal – adjective, formed by combining the noun freak and adjective hysterical. a person or animal or situation that is so markedly unusual or deformed to by hysterically funny. that was freaksterical.

  • razzlestack

    n. 1. the collective noun for v-g-n-. the term is thought to have originated with the p-rnographic magazine “razzle”. razzle had a recurring theme of showing ladies stacked on top of each other either in doggystyle or missionary position with their v-g-n-s displayed. such an extravagant display of v-g-n-s is called a razzlestack. “the gynaecologist […]