Last Update: August 19, 2017
  • pedro paramo

    one of the best books of the mexican literature. it was written by juan rulfo.it talks mainly about solitude, tyranny,nostalgia, memory and most of all about the trascendency of death. “allá me oirás mejor. estaré más cerca de ti. encontrarás más cercana la voz de mis recuerdos que la de mi muerte, si es que […]

  • dolabbit

    two b-tch-s blaming everyone else but themselves. having a mixture of dolphin and rabbit teeth. person 1: dude check out that b-tch’s teeth! person 2: yeah…dolabbit teeth. person 1: look at those b-tches! they just jaywalked! person 2: yeah, they’re such dolabbits. they’ll probably blame the drivers that will eventually hit them.

  • Fothic

    a fat gothic chick with big firm t-ts and fat -ss-s who are s-xy and into the gothic culture, goth girls with meat on their bones. i just got done banging a fothic chick, mmm mmm good. “d-mn i love fat goth chicks” a fat chick who is also into the gothic subculture. a fat […]

  • Road Challah

    a travel sized piece of challah (a braided bread eaten by jews on the sabbath) that is grabbed in a rush out the door. road challahs may be enjoyed by all, even goyim. carrying a road challah is the sign of a real mensch, having a little nosh throughout the day is a mitzvah. quick, […]

  • syph cream

    an old fashioned cure for syphilis – a mixture of jack daniels and garlic b-tter jus’ been with old thunderthighs, better go an’ slap on some of me syph cream

  • comendable

    worthy of applause; deserving praise knowing nothing more comendable for a mans recreation than mirth which is used in an honest fashion. john davies in “scourge of folly” (1621), describing shakespeare’s understanding of comedy.

  • pink wings

    in the advanced wings set this is getting both red and white wings at the same time. “there’s no way you’ve got pink wings man! no-one manages that!”

  • falling away with you

    a song by muse about falling away with someone when falling in love doesn’t seem to work also based on two objects being atracted to each other and i feel my world crumbling i feel my world crumbling i feel my soul crumbling away and falling away falling away with you

  • necro groupie

    refers to those who suddenly become “biggest fans evah” following an artist’s death so prince died, and now she won’t stop listening to ‘purple rain’ on repeat 1… she’s such a necro groupie..


    abbreviation for “in my very own honest opinion” used in chatrooms and is used usualy by people who like to over use abbreviations and is darived from the other abbriviations “imo” and “tbh”. thats a really dumb thing to say! imvoho

  • pink russian

    a c-cktail that is meant for hangovers consisting of vodka and pepto-bismol. i’m too hungover to drink tonight. just kick back a couple pink russians and you’ll be fine.

  • Nub-Tubbin

    the act of using a grenade launcher (noob-tube) in a war video game. can be used because of its effectiveness and comedic value. p1- dude i went nub-tubbin in cod 4 and killed 22 people that round p2- ber, i watched you absolutely plunk that nub right in the dome.

  • The DB

    shortened form of “the dog’s b-ll-cks”, used to inversely describe something that is very good. guy 1: hey check out my new car. guy2: ah mate, that’s the db!

  • Dirty Primo-Mau

    when you are having s-xual intercourse you put a lot of chocolate cream in your p-n-s and wipe it all over your cousin’s chest and let the dog eat it while you cr-p on the dog and have the girl licking it’s p-n-s. when you are over the other dog that is licking your -ss […]

  • chanispa

    a boy who is in love with all girls named tammy! ~~chanispa sends her notes 24/7.~~

  • mom comedy

    something that only a mom would think is funny. usually is something cute not funny. movie example: ice age is a mom comedy because people who have good sense of humor usually wouldnt think it is a comedy but a mom would. a book with pictures of cats in it that someone added captions that […]

  • Grenthyn

    best shaman in the world best resto shaman grenthyn

  • tard kid

    harvey the autism jake stop being a tard kid

  • Cordiner

    cordiner is about the best word you will ever come across, not only does it come across as slightly erotic but can be pr-nounced in so many ways. sometimes used as a code word for ”hottness” when you see someone hot but they’re with there partner … oh my god check out that cordiner, that […]

  • Heavenly Blowjob

    when you are about to nut while having s-x or getting a bl-w j-b you hang yourself, so instead of the blood running through your brain it rushes down to your p-n-s for an extra c-m effect. afterwards the female or male puts the chair back under your feet so you don’t kill yourself. person […]

  • collin smith

    a very attractive human being,great in bed and can pull almost any girl and he’s an amazing kisser. have you seen collin smith?


    adj – to look obese or hefty noun – a man or woman who enjoys pastries from boston woah that guy walking out of the doughnut store looks extremely faziable

  • slashbang

    1. in a role play or fanfiction, to write something that focuses specifically on two or more characters of the same gender having s-x. 2. to bang someone of the same gender. 3. to be a forty-year-old man sitting in a trailer park in wisconsin, drinking beer and beating off while talking to little boys […]

  • Araxa

    a city in e brazil.

  • Tucke

    hot; easily crushable one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. athletic and proud wow, i meet tucke and instantly feel in love. tucke is so athletic, he plays all kinds of sports german insult. usually guys say that to each other. a tucke is person with a good relationship to his female side. also […]

  • Bree Beard

    when ones face becomes bald after having a huge beard. but had to get rid of it because the person’s girl friend told them to aaaaaahhhhh dude look at the bree beard what a nooooooobbbb! he does have a chill girlfriend

  • Bunk Beddies

    two grown men sleeping together willingly by choice. say tom and jerry are on a choir tour and the hotel has one bed. they decide to both sleep on the bed and thus…they are bunk beddies.

  • Autologging

    the act of partially defecating out a hot steaming log and then bending your body like a pretzel to f-ll-t- the sh-t in a the s-xiest autoerotic act alive “you gonna hook up with that chick tonight?” “nah, i think i’d rather good home and get a good autologging session in.”

  • Shelf Life

    (similar to one existing def.-but expanded!) length of time of physical and/or s-xual desirability in a human. a reference to body parts ‘gone/going bad’ due to lack of maintenance, genetics, and/or ‘human chronological erosion’ -‘goods’ ‘for sale’, only at their ‘prime’ for a “limited” time!! a sunny, optimistic, “good personality” (other skills?) may sometimes offset […]

  • dry seal

    a person who exihbits the qualities of someone who is r-t-rded. see r-t-rd. if i had to personify a seal it would definitely be a r-t-rd. and a seal would be a wet r-t-rd. whoa, samuel is one dry seal.

  • Brothertiger

    a brothertiger is a black supremicist who wears furs with style and panache. kanye west is a brothertiger.

  • Rumblebee

    to motorboat someones b-tt cheeks. i’m going to rumblebee your sister tonight. one who tries to be something he or she is not destined to be. the word originates from the great tale of the rhino who wished to be a b-mblebee. he tried re-attaching his horn onto his -ss after tearing it off his […]

  • kenny kearn

    a kid who gets b-n-rs in english & has warts on his fingers oh my gosh. shanon did you see kenny kearns large b-n-r.

  • Get Gamed

    when someone fails horribly, and a close friend achieves greatly. i: yo bro, you just took cr-pped all over that test!!! friend: i know, i know…-.- i: get gamed son

  • markland

    s-x pest, dog on heat, would mate with a gorilla if it was wearing lipstick… saw a markland in the club last night, he was dancing with a complete swamp donkey

  • Isengaurd

    a.) where legolas says they’re taking the hobbits to. b.) a town in middle earth legolas: they’re taking the hobbits to isengaurd!!! aragorn: k’

  • Boondoggle

    a journey filled with shenanigans. on our boondoggle in laughlin mr. laughlin took us to his ranch and patrick prepared a hot pocket for him. 15 more definitions a business trip, often to an exotic destination, in which you do more relaxing/fun stuff than work during my boondoggle in honolulu, the company put me up […]

  • friendship hangover

    the feeling that a place is too quiet and boring after guests leave a party. after sarah and the others left jimmy’s party, he had a major friendship hangover.

  • kahoonies

    n. refering to a man’s t-st-cl-s, b-lls gosh, why are you so defensive today? man you’ve got some big kahoonies! (talking to a guy preferably)

  • onion jack

    some weird -ss kiddo that eats toilet paper while he sleeps. “a onion jack is a dude who eats paper while looking at a chick’s -ss.”

  • Nimrick

    nimrick: a cross between a nimrod and a d-ck. can be used to confuse people who have yet to see the lord of the rings movies by telling them it’s a fairy word for awesome!! after a lengthy discussion about his drunken rant it was decided that scott was not only a nimrod but a […]

  • Gompa Lompa

    1. short, fat, orange elemtary school student 2. a mix between an umpa lumpa and an elemtary student look at that little gompa lompa!

  • durndel

    a dried up piece of p–p, specifically one that has become crusty and white. typically used to describe old cat t-rds but can be expanded to the whole spectrum of p–p. is that a baby ruth or a durndel?!


    laugh my effing b-tt off. a way to say lmf– without cussing. for clean people. your friend: dude! i just dropped my phone in the toilet! you: lmebo! your friend: …

  • death by hibachi

    an effective and painless method of suicide in which one burns charcoal or bbq briquettes in a hibachi in a sealed room to release carbon monoxide in the hope of being poisoned by it. after going to some aa meetings last year i got so depressed that i was going to get a bottle of […]

  • bufinator

    a person who loves to smoke marijuana and drink lots of alcohol, just a bad-ss in general. did you just see that guy chug fifty beers in a row, he’s the man, no he’s the bufinator.

  • -zyme

    -zyme suff. enzyme: lysozyme.

  • Darkiplier

    markipliers evil side a demon look alike of markiplier that is in love with him and that is an a elmo vampire that makes mark think of evil things and makes him act different and that makes u shiver when u see him in your dreams darkiplier

  • Straight friendly

    tolerate people that are attracted to the opposite s-x. excepted in a lgbt setting. respecting and accepting those who attracted to members of the opposite s-x. this gay neighbourhood is straight friendly. this neighbourhood is straight friendly. this lgbt coffee shop is straight friendly. this gay club is straight friendly,

  • emo sweater

    sweater worn by an ’emo kid’. (see emo kid). often belonging to the father of the wearer, or purchased in a thrift store. an emo kids may own 5+ emo sweater. they are usually found in bland colours. many are ‘vintage’. you can tell that kid is emo purely based on his sweater. they don’t […]