Last Update: July 26, 2017
  • mcd’d

    when you get really high and drunk and go to mcdonalds hey wanna go get mcd’d?

  • kaley englebright

    a very smart, talented girl that loves to be with her crush -chandler: did you hear about kaley? -zack: you mean kaley englebright -chandler: yea, she’s going out with ryan, they would make a good couple

  • booty-add

    a digital booty-call. someone you add to your friendlist just because you want to make sweet p-ssionate love to him/her. #1 boy: errm, do i know you? girl: nope, but you’re pretty, so i added you. boy: and how does adding me over pretty benefit you? girl: oh this is no reguler add, this is […]

  • Rim Breaker

    when you need a sh-t, but you have to hold it in for a couple of hours, and when you finally get to release your bowels, you hear and feel a thud as the sh-t plops through the water and hits the porcelain on the toilet, resulting in a vibration, and a person in a […]

  • consolation game

    a game for losers. the consolation game is the played by the two losers of the semi-finals.

  • kleptocracy

    a system of government characterized by rampant corruption and misallocation of public funds. that country is a kleptocracy in which nothing is accomplished without greasing the palms of government officials. “the governance of thieves” – technical term, mixed from the psychological term “cleptomania” or “kleptomania” – the urge to steal, and the greek sillable “cratia” […]

  • a little sompin’ sompin

    “something” the speaker prefers to leave un-said — usually a reference to drugs or s-x.. so you have a little sompin’ sompin’ to get you in the mood for the party?

  • Bhrd

    bhrd bureau of health resources development

  • Elizbeth

    a flawless young girl. known to be s-ssy, but has a really big heart. she is very caring and loving to everyone. don’t mess with her because she is not afraid to fight you. she loves jesus so do not mess with her. oh wow, that girl must be elizbeth.

  • Poo’in-Up!

    to mess up,to do something wrong that offens one ,catches off gaurd,does it that makes them mad! the teacher told reggie to get out of her cl-ss,because reggie was interupting her. so reggie told the teacher,”man you poo’in-up”!

  • bissett

    a person constantly drunk and off their head. often pulled into lifts via hair. often -ssociated with biff and biss wow that girl is such a bissett

  • laziali

    the word laziale (masculine and feminine) refers to pertaining to lazio or pertaining to the s.s. lazio, the italian football team based in rome. a s.s. lazio player or supporter. plural: laziali daje laziali i laziali so arrivati!

  • garden digger

    aka hoe or s-xual tool a garden digger is kitty 1 aka ali’s first split personality

  • Fat Curtain

    when someone is so fat that their shirt or blouse won’t touch their pants but instead hangs in front like a curtain in front of their pants. billy: did you see mrs. macky’s fat curtain today. dan: yeah it was like a cloth barrier for the wind that her fat rolls release.

  • rocketry teacher

    unlike regular teachers a rocketry teacher generally gets paid vast sums of money. most are fairly skilled and possess a good deal of guts. this is, of course, because they deal with multiple small children and explosives at the same time. someone who teaches model rocketry at a summer camp would be a rocketry teacher.

  • Lollatronic

    when something is as awesome as lollies, or when a lollypop is amazing. georgie: i got an orange lolly :p mike: wow. orange lollies are lollatronic

  • doing a bibic

    doing a bibic is the term used to desribe the act of hitting or punching a person who has not done anything and is unexpectent of the punch. doing a bibic can also be connected to cheif spitter as this canoften be the instegation behind the action of the bibic. the term is used in […]

  • Hamocon

    a group/family of awesome people born and raised in hawai’i mess with one, you mess with all of them hard workers who like to get it pumping a hamocon was at my house today. moke bomb obey

  • Fagaplegic

    having both arms and legs paralyzed, along with paralysis of the p-n-s, therefore resorting to being a h-m-s-xual c-ck receiver (a bottom) f-gaplegic steven hawking found knew that v–gr- didn’t work so he paid his bodyguard to give him some -n-l pleasure -without vaseline- ….luckily he was already in a wheelchair so when his -ss […]

  • Curon

    the purple character off of sesame street… seriously, also a usually african american with alot of facial hair and loves final fantasy a “curon” can be found by searching on google “character on sesame street with the bike horn”

  • Lexington, va

    lexington, va is a small town in southwestern virginia. it basically survives because of it’s historical background and the two schools there : washington and lee university and virinia military inst-tute. w&l is a small, prestegious liberal arts school that boasts a remarkably homegenous student body which is overwhelmingly white, middle to upper cl-ss, polo-short-popped-collar […]

  • dillweed

    popularized by the beavis and b-tt-head tv series, “dillweed” is a derogatory term used to describe irrational/dumb behavior and low intellectual capacity, usually resulting in some sort of consequence. literally, “dillweed” likens someone to pubic hair – “dill” being slang for “p-n-s” (think dill pickle) and “weed” being slang for “hair.” way to get us […]

  • slapahoe tribe

    a congregation of distrought gentleman who have been brought down by b-tches. this one b-tch got me so mad that she made me want to join the slapahoe tribe. a group of giggling, head bobbing girls that make anyone they contact deseprately want to slap them. their native environment appears to be cube farms, but […]

  • gibbleguts

    when the female v-g-n- looks like a wad of chewed up bubblegum! that girl was so hot until she showed me her gibbleguts!

  • shitnami

    the m-ssive wave of toilet water that is displaced when a giant t-rd is blasted out of your -ss. the explosive dump i just took caused a m-ssive sh-tnami. now there is debris all over the floor. when u take such a big dump it shoots a wave over the toilet man,i took such a […]

  • Crunk Magee

    some fool whos out starting stuff and is mad wasted. yo dat crunk magee over there is starting crunk.

  • Dorkmanteau

    a stupid portmanteau that does not const-tute real slang or colloquialism. this word is ironic and lacks wit and humor, just as the words it condemns. urban dictionary should rename their “urban word of the day” to “dorkmanteau of the day,” as no one ever has, or will, use those dumb, made-up words in everyday […]

  • Handy Johnson

    another term for a hand-job my women was giving me dome after she gave me the cl-ssic handy johnson

  • doing a fucking fidgits

    the need to keep reaffirming you’re in a relationship with strnagers on the internet rather than simply having a relationship. hi, anyone know the weather for the weekend? oh sure – i looked earlier as mrs me and i wanted to know too. did i mention we’re an item???? you’re doing a f-ck-ng fidgits, you […]

  • o’beef

    fatter than obese. that girl is o’beef with cheese lay off the mcdonald’s fatter than obese. that girl is o’beef with cheese lay off the mcdonald’s

  • cocked asian

    having a small p-n-s like an asian, e.g. c-cked like an asian. poor brendan, the guy is 6′ 4″ and hung like a gnat. big guy, but it turns out he is c-cked asian.

  • Torpedo Fart

    a fart that propels a t-rd from the r-ct-m. gurrl, i heard someone with some raunchy -ss torpedo farts in the sh-tt-r earlier.

  • cheque-bomb

    irresponsibly p-ssing off an unknown cheque to another party when you do not actually know the cheque belongs to them, therefore leaving them unjustly accountable. ashley finds a cheque on her desk that does not belong to her. “cr-p, chloe cheque-bombed me again!”

  • bark piece

    standard unit of currency within the grackle community. may the gobs shower you with many a bark piece.

  • Sciuto

    a person who gives bl-wj-bs for .25 the gay man said i need to find a sciuto

  • Jobcentre Plus

    great british inst-tution that is usually found in most towns and cities. jobcentre plus offices are usually uninviting, depressing grey buildings that are responsible for getting the unemployed into work. it is staffed by patronising little tinpot dictators who think that every unemployed person is a workshy idle b-m and that there are 5 jobs […]

  • colea

    a super hot beautiful woman who is a kind loving friend. one who makes friends easily. one who is comp-ssionate and thoughtful individual. creative in every way. often lost in their own internal world but quickly shows consideration for the people and world around them.coles is one of the best people you will ever meet. […]

  • welfare sauce

    ketchup or catsup whatever u choose to call it…..makes almost anything taste better. this meatloaf tastes like cr-p…..it needs some welfare sauce!!!

  • oh come on

    a phrase. used in reaction to someone or something disappointing/annoying you. clearly expresses such emotions. we the ref of a game clearly miss calls a penalty. “oh come on!?”

  • Jewvenile

    ■ adjective for or relating to young jews, jewannabes, ■ noun a young jewish person. ▶law a jew below the age at which ordinary criminal prosecution is possible (81 in most countries). 1. dude, check those jewveniles preparing kosher meal. 2. jewvenile justice is the area of criminal law applicable to rich jewish persons too […]

  • Jbock

    the nickname that is usually given as a slanderous, degrading term for people that are slacking in telling the truth/telling lies. wow, why is jordan being such a jbock all of a sudden?

  • thermosed

    getting so high you feel like you’re full of soup my friends and i got thermosed in physics today!

  • computerLizard

    see boylizard. computerlizard is just another name for boyliz… no, wait, he’s… f-ck it, i don’t remember.

  • jewbox 360

    a xbox360 that is made up of multiple broken ones and put together with duct-tape and paperclips. jhon just got a jewbox 360 from his dad

  • planchada

    slang in spanish for wasted, drunk, hammered, etc…planchar translates in english meaning: iron. ceddy and i got all “planchada” last night.

  • watosh

    putting a stinking hit on something or someone i watoshed the ball to the other side of the field.

  • The Cunning Linguist

    a codeman for a that can walk the walk and talk the talk with the best of the best. his codeman is usually mistaken for a s-xual act or being a person that has s-x in his mind but in reality refers to his ability to talk himself out of trouble or talk himself into […]

  • socially suck

    when somebody won’t let a joke die down and try hard to make it work that’s when you know somebody socially sucks “hey deb, last night i heard rick made a joke and wouldn’t let it die down! “yeah man that guy socially sucks” somebody

  • awkwertastic

    metting an old flame after a decade that you had great s-x with and having a conversation, no matter how the realtionship ended previously. yo bro i ran into mary the other day. we hugged and had an awkwertastic conversation.

  • matt-rass

    v. to harr-ss a “matt” i’m feeling mischevious. let’s go matt-r-ss