Last Update: October 26, 2016
  • schmeegin bees

    smoking a bowl of fine bud with a group of close buddies. “dude g-reg we have been schmeegin bees to much to go shred”

  • El Saltodetigre AKA The Tigerjump

    while standing on the edge of your bed with a hardon and your female partner is on a laying on the bed with her legs open. you then jump with your hands out and let out a large roar and attemtp to land inside of her. last night i attempted el saltodetigre aka the tigerjump […]

  • self-imposed Rick Roll

    the act of rick rolling yourself just because you have that d*mn song stuck in your head. “dude i got f*ck*n rick rolled again.” “it’s happened to me so many times now i just have self-imposed rick rolls.”

  • junktify

    the act of being turned into junk i’m gonna junktify you q-bah you *sshole!

  • krischan

    a boy-next-door type. totally awesome person, a true broham. always a good time with him, playing video games or just seeking a chill fest. whoa, that guy is so krischan! (chill)

  • Jealous Bitch Syndrome

    the condition most often occurring in ex-girlfriends in which the female becomes hostile towards their ex-partner and then continues to prove a nuisance. this frequently causes difficulty for the male partner in finding or connecting with a new mate. tom: yeah, i was planning on going on a date with melissa tonight. she’s really great, […]

  • clerks 2

    the sequal to clerks, the latest in a long line of of great kevin smith movies (which include clerks, jersey girl, chasing amy, jay and silent bob strike back…i think im forgetting one but oh well) but it is another cl*ssic that you all have to like right now clerks and clerks 2 are the […]

  • maritate

    masturbation of a female she maritates alot when she is alone and she can not stand thinking of a d*ck and not maritate to release her l*st

  • bumclot

    someone who irritates you so much they block your *sshole, rendering you unable to sh*t. originated in britain (logically). “you f*ck*ng b*mclot!” “yesterday, i shat a monkey. ’twas the source of my b*mclot” “i would like you to sodomize me but i’m suffering from a b*mclot”

  • shaarv

    some little indian from brook park who sucks d*ck for money and snorks crack off guys d*cks man that shaarv is gay 0 0

  • Assumptive

    taken for granted. characterized by : an *ssumptive statement. . adj. early 15c., from latin *ssumptivus, from *ssumpt-, past participle stem of *ssumere (see *ssume) + -ive.

  • Bitchin’ 40

    originally derived from fourty ounces, b*tchin’ 40 is something that one says if he/she is very enthused about something, or can be used in place of any adjective with a positive connotation. 1) hebru: my parents gave me $300 to buy food at my birthday, which means that we can get krunk’d. hobo: b*tchin’ 40! […]

  • ticket

    t.i.c.k.e.t: tipsy introvert who creepily knows everyone on tinder – yo brittany seemed shy but after a few drinks you know she a ticket – i dated dat lil ticket til i found out she swiped right on shane and willie ticket 1 million dollars. yo man i just spent a ticket on this house. […]

  • Beeked

    to get scared (in past tense) the sound of thunder this afternoon made me beeked.

  • miscommunitexting

    this occurs when a cell phone text is misunderstood or over *n*lyzed due to lack of emotion. also, when said text is sent to the wrong person unintentionally. often times results in receiving a yelling text, written in all capital letters. i’m sorry, that isn’t what i meant. we must have been a miscommunitexting again. […]

  • racial identity disorder

    a dissociative disorder, most commonly seen in white teens living in upper cl*ss suburbs, that results in those affected adopting behaviors and mannerisms of a race other than their own. aaron: oh my god! zach’s blasting chief keef again. kevin: he’s such a wigger. he must have racial ident*ty disorder. an affliction in which the […]

  • Muchachy

    an african girl and a jewish girl strong friendship, muchachys are usualy loved by everyone are great people to be around they get in silly arguments a lot and they like koolaid and frozen pizza. hey muchachy!

  • trillz

    see “true” or “fo-sho” “ill truth” meaning the same thing as fo-sho basically saying “yea” or “cool” ashely: i finally p*ss that dumb teacher’s cl*ss troy: trillz, me too yo a homie who is short. trillz you’re mad short. originated by “young ex kalliber” upcoming rap legend. the word has strong intense meaning that is […]

  • queef dinner

    when a woman queefs on a man’s face or in his mouth during oral s*x after intercourse. i ate some queef dinner last night.

  • Chamakay

    to get dev’d. mate, check out my moves… ahh so dev (devonte hynes) one to move or dance in an unconventional yet hypnotizing way. hey mate, check out my moves ahh so chamakay

  • bubbaloosh

    the noise a poo makes when it hits the water. very satisfying.

  • Poopjerk

    p**pjerk- wehn you take a dump and then rub one out right after while your sitting down. dustin brull p**pjerked into the toilet. 1 more definition one who m*st*rb*t*s while taking a cr*p. jorge has been in the can p**pjerking all afternoon.

  • Goognesia

    a temporary mental condition afflicting internet users. in their haste to ‘google’ something, when faced with the blank search box, the user instantly – albeit temporarily, forgets what it was they were going to search. “hang on i’ll google it….errrrr……what was i going to do? argh it’s that goognesia again!”

  • Puff-trough

    a trough intended for white men to bend over and fart in, a popular alternative to the widely known pee trough hey guys, i need to fart, excuse me while i bend over and expel my wretched dutch air into the puff-trough in that bathroom. seeya!

  • Default Hottie

    a person whos only attractive or appealing photo is there facebook/mysp*ce profile picture. example 1: eric: dude check out this girl’s facebook page. she is so hot. alec: bro, i just went through her photo collection. she is only hot in her profile picture. she’s a default hottie. example 2: (stefania receives a friend request […]

  • skrillhead

    a person who is addicted to skrillex’s music. man that guy has been listening to sonny moore non-stop, he’s a true skrillhead. i was about to bail out on my date when i found out that she was a skrillhead.

  • douche nozzle

    a person who is such an *ssh*l* that they probably spit douches out of their nozzle (mouth) girl 1: becky called me a wh*r* girl 2: don’t worry hun, she is just being a douche nozzle 1) the underappreciated apparatus of the douche that actually does the stinky work. attached to the douche bag. 2) […]

  • Peculiar

    strange; queer; odd: peculiar happenings. uncommon; unusual: the peculiar hobby of stuffing and mounting bats. distinctive in nature or character from others. belonging characteristically (usually followed by to): an expression peculiar to canadians. belonging exclusively to some person, group, or thing: the peculiar properties of a drug. astronomy. designating a star or galaxy with special […]

  • black escondido

    a black escondido is a term used by the black society used to describe a white outsider with an unusually small p*n*s. thug #1- yo my ni**a look at this b*tch *ss black escondido we got crusing around on our streets thug #2- i hate these b*tch *ss black escondidos they got that small sh*t […]

  • The office “LOL Cat”

    the person at your office who is responsible for sending or forwarding most of the junk mail you receive. their inbox is usually full of emails with t*tles like “funniest kid ever,” or “cute whale photos.” person 1: dammit, not again! person 2: what’s wrong man? person 1: cindy, the office “lol cat” sent me […]

  • roflbnsbtiwban

    an rediculous acronym standing for: roll on the floor laughing but not seriously because then i would be a noob dude he was going nuds roflbnsbtiwban

  • crispafloppy

    the description for bacon that is cooked to the point of being floppy with a little crispiness. this bacon isn’t crispafloppy, it’s flopacrispy.

  • diving

    1a. gymnastics like aquatic sport, most partic*p*nts are of asian decent. becuase they are the sh*t at diving. 1b. throwing yourself involentarially off of high platforms and contemplating why the whole way down. 2a. a sport mostly *ssociated with swimming, but the only simalarity is the water. 2b. a sport that, like swimming, requires you […]

  • telera

    a piece of mexican bread. it looks to be about the size of an extended hand ( from the pinky, to the tip of the middle finger, to the tip of the thumb, to the base of the palm) and oval. it can also be used to as a nickname for someone who has a […]

  • Geekool

    some guy or girl who’s some kind of geek but without losing the style. a:you know like that guy anna goes out with, he’s very cool though he’s some sort of geek or something. b: oh, yeah, he’s a geekool? a:yeap, that’s it! c: are you talking about my boyfriend again?

  • Pock Eater

    (extension of pock) someone who is very good at something they do. world cl*ss footballers,being very good a fifa. luke: “ayo blud you see rooneys goal?” richard: “yes fam, rooney is a pock eater”

  • slaying a vampire

    a women who is looking to get laid that night specifically from a pergerm (man who is half persian & half german). jasa is slaying a vampire after the club.

  • reputational laundering

    reputational laundering – the act of appearing to do good publicly in order to offset a negative image. a technique usually employed by individuals or corporations who have made their money in a morally questionable fashion and who wish to appear to have a moral conscience. reputational laundering often comes in the form of corporate […]

  • Aftermess

    someone who doesn’t know when to stop partying. look at the cute asian guy dancing alone on the dance floor. he is a total aftermess.


    a nfty region. sar-southern area region. sar contains northern florida, georgia, alabama, south carolina, and parts of north carolina. home of the amazing tyg’s- afty – congregation children of israel (athens, ga) bconty – congregation b’nai israel (spartanburg, sc) bifty – b’nai israel federation of temple youth (fayetteville, ga) booty – temple beth or (montgomery, […]

  • fuzz arse

    a word used to name a female who has an extreme pubic growth in the v*g*n*l and orific area. this type of person can be easily identified by the obvious bulge in that area of her underwear (if visible) and on occasion the extruding hair around the edges of the underwear. “i cant believe you […]

  • ripped up sic

    this is a term often yelled by chavs to the retreating/wandering away backs of anyone who they feel they have just beaten at a round of verbal sparring/who has fallen foul of another person’s wit or what the chavs take as wit, but is actually exasperation (this is much more likely, as it is very […]

  • Smizzart

    smart you didn’t put gas in the car, oh that’s smizzart! smart you sure is smizzart.

  • Aominism

    aominism, as stated on twitter, is based around the belief that you are better than anyone else, where every aominist holds great confidence in themselves. aominism is all about loving yourself and putting yourself as your top priority because the only one who can love you better than you, is you. yonameshiccup: it’s healthy. it’s […]

  • Listalo

    one who is a juggalo and also an avid player of morton’s list. there is a ninja sitting in a coffee shop playing morton’s list; two juggalos walk by and say, sup listalo?

  • Macquisition

    to acquire or purchase an apple macintosh computer. term coined by jim hill. we went on a macquisition tuesday. we came back from the store with a macbook pro.

  • USSSH!

    you give a little usssh! at that moment everything comes together. just completed 50 one-armed press ups. usssh!

  • cop a plea

    to plead guilty for a lesser crime. when charged with murder, one may cop a plea for manslaughter if the odds are against him or her.

  • farklem

    an extremely cool guy. hey farklem! do somethin funny! an extremely cool and funny guy. hey farklem! do somethin funny! when you get an eye lash in you’re eye while taking a sh*t. you’re p**p has to be green also. omg i just got a farklem =(

  • semi-notorious

    to be partly notorious. david yahyaie. hey man.. david yahyaie is semi-notorious!