Last Update: January 22, 2017
  • a gross fat bastard

    a b*st*rd who is gross and often fat you are a gross fat b*st*rd and you should be condemned to eternal d*mnation in the shape of black people further expanding your big fat *ss with their c*cks.

  • texas boots

    what texas hill country folk wear for shoes. good for smashing c*ckroches.. my old texas boots trap many a c*ckroches with my pointed toes. in texas, side of boots used for kicking mexican b*tts. spurs used for getting a move on whatever we’r on top of! in texas we ride most anything thats warm & […]

  • bajookie dookie

    not pleasant to look at; ugly ; unattractive gosh nick is so bajookie dookie.

  • Grim Junior

    aka junior. grim and mandy’s son and first born. the future grim reaper. has an eye on his right eye socket. (noun) a kid who causes death to others especially little animals cat: “i don’t wanna be his master he is such a grim junior”

  • penis gravity

    an irresistible force that draws women to your p*n*s, or toward any p*n*s, vibrator, or other shaft like object. man, my p*n*s gravity was intense last night. all the b*tch*s at the bar were trying to f*ck me.

  • D2G

    day to go 1 more d2g, costa verde here i come! activate javascript

  • opitatiss

    the act of opening and using a fire extinguisher. i’m glad i have good opitatiss skills because you are on fire.

  • wabie

    what you get when a wenis and a wagina have wex. “dude, i think i’m having a wabie!”

  • sex unicorn

    a girl who squirts. just f*ck*d a s*x unicorn last nite. pretty wet.

  • shightbody

    the ship between gary lightbody from snowpatrol and ed sheeran. this ship was shippped the most in 2013, while ed and gary were touring together. awww shightbody are so adorable when they hold hands during “new york”.

  • trequal

    third movie in a trilogy i like the first two matrix movies, but not the trequal!

  • filthy fun house

    a reverse t*tty-f*ck where you sit on the girls face, get some *ss play, and f*ck some t*tties. i gave yer ma a filthy fun house last night, she let me bounce around on them twins for hours.

  • Chafic

    according to certain beliefs and culture around the world, a chafic is a piece of sh*t who likes to steal peoples marijuana. marijuana is also known as “idonotwantchafictostealme”, hence chafic. person: ay yo look at ma weeed. person 2: omg its gone person: chafic.

  • burst-fern

    another way to say “best friend” girl 1: i love you, burst-fern girl 2: love you, too!

  • What’s hiphop happening

    asking some what they have been up to, in a super cool fashion. joe: “yo dude, what’s hiphop happening?” p diddy: “nothing man, see you later.” …………………………….. chip diddy chip: “yo man, what’s happening?” p diddy: “nothing man, yo did you hear joe? what a douche bag.


    p*ss on the f*cking hoosiers. commonly used on the purdue university, west lafayette campus, in reference to the indiana university hoosier athletic teams. joe: “dude, iu is kind of good this year, if they get 1 more win, they could go to a bowl game.” dave: “i don’t care. potfh. the boilers are gunna murder […]

  • gannon52

    a guy who has weird sigs/avatars on 404 gannon52’s sig gives me nightmares =(

  • hero candy

    a sports figure who will allow a male fan to blow him “after watching tom brady throw the game winning touch down, he became the biggest piece of hero candy in new england.”

  • spunk tackle

    the tackle you sp*nk with. t*st*cl*s and p*n*s. c*ck and b*lls. twig and gigggle berries. meat and two veg. strawberry shaft and vanilla scoops. t*st*cl* (pr*nounced testiclay) & poking rod…etc… peter: andy, what’s the matter? andy: my wife kicked me in me sp*nk tackle. peter: dannielle? whatever for? andy: coz i said she was a […]

  • Jeff Tweedy

    frontman for the band wilco. all around genious. he compensates his sh*tty life with gracing us his wonderful music. “i saw jeff tweedy do a solo show at northwestern university on may 23rd. there was special guest glen kotche, also the drummer for wilco.” “so did i, what brilliant people.”

  • NASA – Ass

    when you have explosive diarrhea that is so bad that it virtually or literally lifts you off the toilet seat (like a nasa rocket). “don’t go in that stall, leroy just had nasa – *ss in there!”

  • shafty nigro

    the art of being a negro and having a shaft that is wider than the tip of the p*n*s kyle is a shafty nigro his p*n*s shaft is 2 inches wider than the tip of the p*n*s

  • Baby Fag

    a gay male who is just coming out and knows very little on gay issues he is still a baby f*g but we can teach him to be a true gay

  • walawnkas

    the act of going somewhat bonkers/crazy, but in a whacky way. not as harsh as “going crazy”. we totally went walawnkas at my friends house last night, major pillow fight!

  • babetudinousness

    the quality of being a babe, i.e., a good-looking woman. “boy, melissa sure has a high degree of babetudinousness!”

  • negligenitals

    privates that haven’t seen action in a while guy 1: dewd, i gotta get laid this weekend guy 2: yeee dawg guy 1: need to park my truck somewhere guy 2: nah dewd! more like your negligenitals all dusty

  • andravy

    dirty lying d*ck bag who thinks they’re aswesom when theyr reallt just a lying dirty cheating c*nt wow they are acting like such a andravy

  • mastertasking

    to do something unrelated while masturbating. jeff simmonds likes to m*st*rb*t* to p*rn while listening to basketball. he is mastertasking

  • Templan

    a person who m*st*rb*t*s in a public place. this can be at school, in a store bathroom, in a car in a parking lot, etc. this person typically has a form of mental r*t*rdation and is frequently caught due to their loud moans and grunts. guy 1: hey steve did you hear about that templan […]

  • Holier-than-thou

    when a person has taken the moral high-ground or are just up themselves, they are being “holier-than-thou”. holier-than-thou literally means, holier than me or better than me. just because i made one stupid mistake doesnt mean britney gets to give me this holier-than-thou att*tude! acting like one is superior to others, condescending i hate that […]

  • Pamela Des Barres

    pamela des barres (formerly miller) was born in the right place at the right time. she came into the world as a california native, in the amazing 60’s. she loved rock ‘n’ roll from the moment she saw elvis presly. after elvis, she fell for paul mccartney. after the beatles, it was the rolling stones. […]

  • Pineda

    -someone who throws a discus less than 50 ft. -someone who hits somebody in the face with a discus. -someone with a baby face. -a annoying person that wasn’t even 70ft, dumb pineda.

  • krasnov

    insane russian who enjoys all the sandwiches. drinks vodka 24/7 enjoys watching bears riding unicycles. favorite instrument is balalaika. unicycle is favorite transportation. has wife who loves bear man, obsessed with vodka with pepper and plays the balalaika in bed. overall stereotypical russian f*g. friends insult his favorite bear, natasha. believes that putin is world […]

  • Booty Reward Points

    points earned by doing seemingly voluntary acts, while actually counting on the acc*mulation of goodwill that will lead to a booty call. wow, i spent the whole afternoon detailing my wife’s car, hanging shelves and taking her shoe shopping. i sure hope i earned enough booty reward points to get some tonight!

  • one finger peace sign

    the one finger peace sign is a peaceful way to give someone the bird. preface–scott and susan are friends– susan: you are such an idiot scott!lol! scott: (smiles and gives susan the one finger peace sign)thanks susan..haha!

  • Get the slack out of your jack

    term used to tell someone to quit lollygagging. can be used to tell someone they are to laid back. he’s been lookin’ at magazines for 20 minutes! our plane leaves in 15. go tell him get the slack out of your jack!

  • Vape Locked

    thrownin down and gettin lifted by means of a fatty sack preferably with a 2 liter bottle of sierra mist, a blender, and three straws, duct taped together….. getting vape locked all day every day is the only way to be cool so sayteth the dana….

  • Crawpoon

    the process of flying eagle-humping an unsuspecting victim as if your crotch was a flying harpoon. dude, madi was sitting on the couch texting and i totally ran in and gave her the crawpoon!

  • Blounty

    a word that began being used in 2010 by white british kids. the word is used as an insult towards little p*ssy’s. f*ck off lambert you posh blounty.

  • adzest

    online alias for person (or persons) who attempt to seduce young males into s*xual relations. will pretend to be a young female from cali, who is very keen to meet. often asks for photos to make sure the young boy he is trying to seduce is supple enough. 14/f/cali, send me some pics and an […]

  • Olemos

    spanish lemons person one: d*mn, i could really go for some lemons right now. person two: ugh, i can go for some olemos too.

  • B power supply

    electronics. b supply.

  • Pretty Cool Bitch

    a female that is all the opposite of the stereotype labels given to females that are annoying. sometimes described as one of the guys in a non butch, lesbian or dykish way. billy bob, “i met this girl last night that i might want to hang out with again. she’s fun, isn’t needy, independent, isn’t […]

  • good ice

    a great occurance; something that brightens one’s day the cabin is getting two kegs; tonight will be such good ice!

  • Procasternate

    to waste time using procaster when you could be doing much more productive work i was planning on doing math homework but i decided to procasternate.

  • fat compacters

    another word for leggings or hail damage that girl is chubby and always wears fat compacters, because jeans don’t fit.

  • pullinplates

    to cook crystal meth theyre pullin plates on hill bra.

  • jackeloff

    a subst*tue for idiot, or *sshole, usually defines a person’s stupid att*tude and a stpid action you jackeloff why did you have to go and tell her that

  • masterwhack

    to pleasure oneself. i decided to masterwhack to that picture of natalie portman.

  • stigid

    mentally unstimulating. “i found the book to be very stigid.”