Last Update: May 23, 2017
  • misfag

    1. extremely annoying person, who you absolutely can’t stand. 2. an -sshole; douche bag 3. an extreme version of a common misfit 4: a reallly stupid person 1. “christiana is such a misf-g, she’s always purring and meowing at people. like, why?” 2. “yall are such misf-gs! i’m sick of yall always pushing me around […]

  • Fleenie

    fleenie, flesh-beanie. another word for a bald person, as it looks like they are wearing a beanie made out of flesh. wow malcom, check out that guy he’s got a fleenie.

  • Fonz maneuver

    a s-xual maneuver first derived by the ladies man, which involves inserting both thumbs up a ladies b-tt, like the fonz. “you gotta get a thumb up in there like matter o’ fact get two thumbs in there like the fonze eeeyy”

  • spike spiegel

    spike spiegel is the main character of the hit anime series cowboy bebop, a member of the crew of the bebop, pilot of the swordfish mk. ii and the baddest m-th-f-ck- alive. spike is proficient in jeet kune do and is an excellent pilot and marksman. he works as a bounty hunter alongside his companions […]

  • september 4th

    the unofficial holiday dubbed crikey. a time when network television remembers steve irwin (the crocodile hunter) and usaully plays repeats of his shows. dude i called off today becuase today is september 4th the day crikey died and i’m staying home to watch the marathon of the the crocodile hunter on discovery channel. crikey tlc […]

  • Bearve

    a bearve is a fart that sounds exactly as the word. bear-ve. it’s like a soft fart but on the verge of being a nice big one. it’s like if a guy has a girlish fart. bro, you just bearved like my sister

  • cart cluster

    a group of carts left in a certain area that is not the designated spot for carts to be returned to. this is found in places with many people like supermarkets. person 1: we’re going to be late to the party. person 2: don’t take the cart all the way back to the store. just […]

  • river tam

    the mega genius ballerina turned crazy psychic -ss-ssin at the academy on firefly, played by summer glau. hunted by a pair of dark-suited men wearing blue gloves before the alliance hired the operative to finish the job. held the secret to miranda and the reavers. wears oversized clothing, thinks jayne looks better in red, believes […]

  • Tandoori queen

    a gay man, usually a white guy, who is only attracted to east indian men. michael is such a tandoori queen. first he goes out with param, that software engineer from houston, and then dumps him for pravit, who is from mumbai and more ‘authentic.’ then he takes up yoga and redecorates his whole house […]

  • kinkyfart

    fart that occurs during the act of f-ck-ng but the 2 people are so drunk they find it very kinky that kinkyfart smells like love

  • kaoskytton

    a livejournal cam wh-r- who is actually very fat and ugly, but photoshops her photos (badly) to make them appear to be s-xy and her to appear to be skinny. it is very funny. look, kaoskytton photoshopped her fat -ss and stomach out of that picture! i wish she’d learn that you can tell they’ve […]

  • Motordyke

    a dyk- who rides bikes sazz : there goes a motordyk- jez : here come’s a herd of them -looks at gang of dyk-s- —————————————– your motodyking days r ova hunni

  • Praficate

    1. to make a bowel movement 2. to expel fecal matter 3. to remove solid waste materials from the body cavities don’t go in there. my prafication really stinks. dude, i totally just praficated in my pants.

  • ammanas

    a pineapple of such unrestrained ability to surp-ss everyone in existence. nothing can withstand the mind-games played by this pineapple, unto the destruction of a person’s mind. and yet somehow still gets the girl’s. watch out for that ammanas, you’ll be f-ck-d up.

  • Ehi

    ehis are fun loving gals, with a lot of s-ss at the table. they like to insult people but as a joke….well most of the time. she’s got that golden girl personality, athletic, social, popular and a bad-ss personality. she speaks sarcasm as a second language. all the guys drool over her, but she’s only […]

  • Crotch Beanie

    the companion of the “-sshat” or just slang for pubic hair. dude, quit being such a crotch beanie.

  • chewski

    a dip of chewing tobacco in any formd. skoal, copenhagen, grizzly, kodiak, red man. hey dan you got a chewski?

  • duck duck

    a s-x act similar to f-ll-t– but when the man takes control by forcibly moving his p-n-s with a high velocity in and out of the mouth/throat so as to make a “uck-uck” sound in the process. hence the term duck duck. note: can be used as either a noun or a verb. he took […]

  • Kiktag

    hashtags made for kik. you use them to search up different groups/chats that you can join… basically you can search for any name or word and you’ll find a group for it. however, groups made for celebrities, popular names, popular words and well known places tend to have more members than groups that almost no […]

  • Smoothie Walk

    a walk consisting of flailing your legs behind one another while walking after you make a smoothie. “guys the smoothies are done!” -does the smoothie walk into the living room with smoothies in hand.

  • angel dragon

    a term used commonly as a user name for site builders and forum users. when typed into yahoo!, the first entry to use the term is a site hosting images of marvell comic characters. following are a blogspot, a personal web journal, and many other sites. angel dragon is a term used frequently, yet defined […]

  • welder’s and brickstone

    two individuals that give joy and laughter to the students of csc. these two are revered as g-d’s on csc’s campus. they are the demigods to the one the only thomas c. polett. welder’s and brickstone are so funny that stump took a dump on andy.

  • ethan couch

    piece of sh-t man, that guys is really an “ethan couch”.

  • pohui

    pohui is a russian swearing word which can be translated by “i don’t give a f-ck” “mne pohui”

  • DeathMoth

    a name for lunesta or ambien. inspired by the glowing moth in the lunesta advertis-m-nts. i just took deathmoth, going to bed. an emo f-ck my home is h-ll omg i hate life deathmoth is a emo f-ck

  • Lebanese girls

    lebanese girls are one of the most beautiful girls on earth. they are extremely bold and stand out. lebanese girls usually have a curvy figure with mixed skin lovely curly hair and beautiful big brown eyes. lebanese girls have biggg boottyyyy

  • No Jobs Hot

    a female (or male) that is good looking enough to get through life without ever having to work. this is because they can easily find people to pay all of their expenses. it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t working, rather, that they don’t have to be working, girl1: what does she do? she always […]

  • dead baller

    a man who is a waste. someone who has no hype and isn’t funny. aka a fool/wasteman. a way of abusing a cr-p sportsman that fool is a dead baller man that bloke is a dead baller

  • re-calculious

    the world barack obama should use to describe the mccain-palin “straight-talk-express”. “the fact that mccain thought that he was going to win the presidential election is re-calculious

  • Houcktastic

    something amazing, great work, excellent effort. man scott is houcktastic.

  • Albertising

    a rare condition suffered by people named alberto who work in advertising he can’t go home yet, he works in remo albertising s.l

  • Hughey

    a fantastic and beautiful individual who i think is amazing. this guy knows how to party like a straight up g. his favourite hobbies include making extremely salty popcorn and getting people very drunk (watching the consequences can be extremely fun (especially when a clothes horse is involved)). he is both devious and incredible. that […]

  • Vermeer

    the kindest, most social, loving, and cute asian girl you will ever meet. she will brighten your day just by saying herro to you. vermeer is the friendliest girl you will meet in monterey park.

  • Brotanical Gardens

    a place where bros can walk around and take in nature as they discuss dave matthews band and drink natty light. ‘hey bromigo, wanna go out to the brotanical gardens before we bro down tonight?’ ‘yeah bro! we’ll go brotanamo bay on that sh-t! lemme get my croakies.’

  • flippin’ lousy

    the beatles, according to pete townshend, circa 1966. “if you listen to only the backing track of the beatles without their voices, it’s flippin’ lousy.”

  • Backfield

    (used with a plural verb) the members of the team who, on offense, are stationed behind the linemen and, on defense, behind the linebackers. their positions considered as a unit. the area where the backs play. contemporary examples a hulking defender breaks into the backfield and takes him down with a vicious clothesline tackle. two […]

  • Memology

    the emerging science of studying internet memes. – so, i heard you’re a memologist now? how’s that working out for you? – meh, i basically spend a lot of time on the internet. this whole “what i really do” craze has me working overtime for days now, though. – that’s memology for you.

  • Eye fucked

    a male or female who exhibits the need or want to have s-x with a seductive/sensual glace/stare with another male or female that they have made direct eye-contact with. this can be performed in all instances, any location, any time of the year, any hour of the day/night, with anyone. results will vary. -can be […]

  • Mother Ass Fuck

    when your mother has enough and puts on a strap-on oh god dont give me a mother -ss f-ck

  • nardified

    hey, watch your… – eh-bleh-bleh-ble-eh – first of all watch your language and also watch the way you’re putting things here. wait a minute, what’s that mean anyway? the wax with nard cream? ehuh? iiiyh! i’ll nardify the next time i’ll come across the word ”nardified” from someone else. not you #2, not you goldmember…

  • G.I. gin

    cough medicine with alcohol and codeine. in the 1960s and 1970s, soldiers complaining of a cold were issued a small bottle of cough medicine. it contained alcohol an codeine. many drank it down for the buzz. go to the medics and get yourself a bottle of g.i. gin. it’s great on a cold day like […]

  • Lbvs

    top definition l.b.v stands for “live, breathe, v-g-n-.” this abbreviation is commonly used when referring to a prestigious females cult. with in these cults girls sanctify their v-g-n-s and acknowledge the so called “powers” and “gifts” through reaching nirvana, final peace and content. wow, today i took one step closer to reaching nirvana l.b.v l.b.v!!! […]

  • smoik

    to smoik someones mother means to make babies

  • Wollster

    wollster can be reffered to as: the fastest car in the west and a hot girl -high five- fastest car in the west! and wollster baby!

  • squishyfish

    a flabby, foul-smelling v-g-n- i wandered south of her navel and found she was displaying a disgusting squishy fish. the best person in existence. person a “omg squishyfish posted in your thread? i am soooo jealous.” person b “oh my god. i am not worthy.” -hyperventilates- #squishy #squishyfish #allkpop #kpop #person

  • Cum Diaper

    a cloth object use to clean up c-m dripping out of a girl after a cream pie i.e. the literal shirt off a guys back, a towel, etc. “i just shot my load in her, now i need a c-m diaper to make sure it doesn’t drip out everywhere” 1 more definition another word for […]

  • boobmaster

    someone who is so good at playing with a pair of t-ts. godd-mn that guy over there is a b–bmaster, he made me c-m twice!

  • bloketoker

    (slang) a guy that likes to “toke” on other guys (or “blokes”). john sucks a lot of d-ck; thus he is a bloketoker.

  • intercombine

    1. to take two or more objects that do not belong together by any means and join them. 2. any two or more objects that can brought together. 1. i intercombined my brother josh and a girl. 2. we intercombined two practice drills today.

  • antisnark

    the opposite of snark, as when an apparently sarcastic comment suddenly seems completely reasonable. jimbo opined that rick perry was running for president just so he could yell “political witch hunt!” at his prosecutor on corruption charges. suddenly, he realized they were all running for that reason. he had discovered the long sought antisnark.