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can you define it?

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  • weiner alarm

    a weiner alarm is when ones arousal is so high and the d*ck is so erect it goes “wee oou wee oou wee ooou” my girl looked so hot last night that my weiner alarm went off.

  • jrian

    one who fails to follow through on perceived commitments, especially to a friend group aaron is being such a jrian right now. he hasn’t hung out with us in weeks!

  • opossum tail

    when you have *n*l s*x with a condom, and after you nut, pull your d*ck out, leaving the condom hanging out of their b*tt. opossum tail: brian was f*cking sh*lley in the *ss, and left his condom hanging out of her *ss when he nutted.

  • kynadi

    someone who smells like monkey farts and loves justin bieber. kynadi smells like monkey farts and loves justin bieber

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