the most handsome, beautiful, g*ngb*nging, finger f*cking, xbox player of all time
i wish i could be like reddishduck99

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  • lochen

    the sweetest, most witty girl ever. her personality rubs off on everyone she meets. everyone that’s met her, loves her. if she wrote books people would cling to every word. very beautiful, intelligent and a great drawer. loyal, comp*ssionate and a fantastic gamer. d*mn lochen is fine

  • electricity mouth

    when someone’s mouth is so moist it sounds like electricity. or when you rub against an old tv. friend: *electricity noise* “so basically i said…” me: “b*tch if you don’t shut yo old electricity mouth *ss up!”

  • bandwagon syndrome

    when you root for the best team in sports after the patriots won, madi came down with bandwagon syndrome

  • griest

    a priest that s*xually identifies as g*y, usually also a pedophile. teacher: who in your life inspires you to follow god and be a good person? charlie: my uncle who is a griest. griest = g*y priest

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