1. a word used to give an alternative, or another opinion. a synonym for but; however; even though
most teachers are over 30, resonutually jessica’s teacher is 27.

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  • spinich

    a stupid mistake. this kid was a mistake, lets name him/her spinich.

  • lmlm

    love my little mango one of the many initialisms that originates from agriculture slang. lmlm implies that although your situation isn’t ideal, you are still optimistic about the situation. *in and out is out of ginger ale but they offer you 7 up instead “lmlm, it’s fine. i like 7 up”

  • polishing the jag

    describes having a posh w*nk, i.e. masturbating whilst wearing a condom i walked in and he was polishing the jag

  • bolas *n*les

    spanish word for *n*l beads i used some bolas *n*les on somebody

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