sajeeran is where you go behind a person and shove your middle finger up the persons nose as far as you can
don’t make me sajeeran you!

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  • chocolate chubby

    when you have to take a dump so bad but can’t because you have pressing matters and it just comes out, and you have to wait a little while to get cleaned up, thus supporting the chocolate chubby. i was stuck working the line and i sh*t my pants, everyone saw my chocolate chubby . […]

  • mein neger

    “my n*gg*” in german. guttentag , mein neger.

  • brick *ss n*gg*

    a person who acts like a brick to the extreme he a real brick *ss n*gg* right now

  • hf-agba

    hf-agba is an acronym standing for hands, face – armpits, genitals, b*ttocks, *n*s. also known as the “cheat’s shower” it is similar in concept to the airplane bath or bba (b*lls b*m and armpits). i overslept, so it was hf-agba before dashing off to work.

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