probably your favorite person. ever. has few/no friends. is always annoyed with m*f*s around her. will often scream at those m*f*s.
ex: woah that chick looks super annoyed. she’s probably gonna pull a serenai

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  • famous five

    the undeniably amazing yet j*zzless act of self pollution a fifth time in the day … dan , i did it, the forth was a chin shot but i managed the famous five at the stroke of the hour….it was a disappointing spuff though.

  • yagyut

    the act of shoving yoghurt up your own *rs* then scooping it out with your already broken fingers. “oi! stacy you dirty b*tch! stop yagyutting and do the dishes!”

  • sperm skin

    when your so f*cking white, that you blind others with your mayonnaise *ss skin. d*mn, your nickname should be sperm skin because you look like howie from the bench warmers.

  • sutcliffe

    they arent that smart and look funny travis sutcliffe looks ugly

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