the name of a real g, a guy who is always right, and a guy who is savage as f*ck. generally one of the coolest kids in school. spuds to all the shakz out there.
this guys awesome! let’s call him shakz.

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  • the dual cab ute

    five in the front and a load in the rear! when you’re fisting a ladies v*g*n* and *j*c*l*t* into her *sshole. “my girl got sick of the mini van so we upgraded to the dual cab ute!”

  • three egg omelette

    a three egg omelette is when you fill up a guys *ss hole with c*m “i just gave my s*xy boy a three egg omelette “

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  • swirl the tube

    smoking methamphetamines put meth in a pipe and swirl the tube. i like to party hard and swirl the tube i like to party hard and swirl the tube

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