a d*mn f*ckin hot hoe. big t*tties and dat *ss is f*cking lude. s*xy b*tch that f*ckbois take home for s*x.
d*mn! there a shareta!

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  • eat my *ss with that weak sh*t

    when someone tells you something so f*cking preposterous that you just have to set them straight. idiot: yo you wanna go eat a gluten & dairy free vegan m*ffin with me? boy: you better eat my *ss with that weak sh*t.

  • pans*xuwhale

    when you feel attraction to the same gender, the opposite gender, transgender people, gender fluid people, inters*x people and whales. “what’s your s*xuality?” “i’m pans*xuwhale!”

  • facelexia

    the condition by which you can’t put a face to a name, or a name to a face i suffer from facelexia.

  • time hop

    when you f*ck a girl so good she forgets what day it is. last night i gave a girl the time hop of her life!

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