side lady of the united states
marylin monroe was a way better slotus than monica lewinski.

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  • juicy poos

    the consistency of the fecal content one excretes during submitting themselves to a juice cleanse. aka: very expensive poos. her: “girl, i’ve been drinking vegetables for days.” she: “oh girl, you better have mr. clean on standby after your days of juicy poos.”

  • buddyfarm

    a gathering place for h*m*s*xuals to engage in sodomy. usually of the beaten path in a barn. jerome: “dude! i could do with some *ss, lets h*t the buddyfarm” sven: “me to, lets go!”

  • aashra

    a person who is very very stupid but a great friend no matter what. they are pretty skilled at annoying the h*ll out of their friends but isn’t that what friendship is about? “oh my god, i can’t believe i have an aashra for a friend”

  • ademide

    a guy who is a d*ck to everyone even his closest friends. ademide said he was going to give me the money he owned me but never gave it.

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