to disagree; hate
wow that guy hates everything, he’s such a smater.

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  • charlie's chocolate factory

    when you f*ck a girl in mud or a mud bath and fill her with it so much it drips out. like the water fall in the movie “charlie’s and the chocolate factory” man 1: yo i was at the spa in the mud bath and i f*ck*d my girl and gave her a charlie’s […]

  • business before pleasure

    there’s a time for being serious and a time for being fun. while wanting to go to a party but still having homework, chloe’s parents said “business before pleasure.”

  • solid copy

    usually used in the military. means to fully understand something or an order. “move 3 clicks south razor.” “solid copy, battlemage.”

  • *n*l sundae

    when a person fills their partners r*ct*m with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and s*m*n for a “nut” topping. can be p**ped back out and eaten. other syrup flavors can be subst*tuted. dinner was great. how about we go to the bedroom and have ourselves an *n*l sundae.

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