when you fart on someone pillow
i love to sofarl

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  • mclendon

    really annoying and sucks at ballet and brings people down. reason for abortions oh it’s a mclendon…

  • a lot of guys catch that ball

    yelled at a football game when your team’s receiver doesn’t catch the ball. like at today’s bears game. “a lot of guys catch that ball” – fan, at the game, when the receiver drops the ball

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    br**sts so saggy that when you bounce they flap. she’s so saggy she be flappin’ yeah she has flappy br**sts

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    “kyabitto” is the j*panese version of “cabbit”. meaning a usagi (rabbit) and neko (cat) cross. found in anime. person 1 “hey that girls like a neko” person 2 “nah, more like a usagi” person 3 “she’s kind of like both, a kyabitto”

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