a very loyal person who you can depend on and who is very smart. she might be a smart -ss but she is a good person. she is one s-xy -ss girl who has a nice body. if you are her best friend, she will do anything for you because she loves you too much.
man, why is stahalia duck a smart -ss .

because she knows way more than you don

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  • trezzure

    is a pretty young lil girl who is loyal and always there for you and don’t take anything from anyone! also smart and peole always try to be like trezzure!! person1: you seen that girl person2: duhh thats trezzure

  • bakkour

    bakkour is rich kind and nice and an arab lebanese guy #rich #arab i want bakkour to be my husband because he is a rich person

  • t*tchin

    when your t-ts an her chin are one in the same oh my god look at that b-tches t-tchin

  • emma wemma

    a person who flirts outrageously with work colleagues “emma is really flaunting it with reef today” “she certainly is, she’s an emma wemma”.

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