acronym for “see you on the mountain”.
syotm, dave!

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  • sergen

    sergen is the biggest g*y f*ggot you will ever meet. he is stupid, r*t*rded, ugly, and a g*y muslim. oh sh*t! there goes sergen about to blow up the school with his g*y bomb.

  • prez trump

    term of endearment for the 45th president of the us. dat fool said “what the h*ll have you got to lose by voting for trump” . yo he was right, bee! its all good in my hood, dats my prez trump!

  • take it to the barn and ring the bell

    synonym phrases: “let’s wrap this up” “let’s finish this out” well, i think it’s time we take it to the barn and ring the bell.

  • park baby

    a guy who is a b*m, usually after highschool, doesn’t really do much but do drugs and alcohol at parks erick:remember that time late at night we saw that park baby? trevor: yeah dude that guy needs a job or something.

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