he’s probably the most dirtiest minded (person) you’ll ever meet not only that they tend to be really good at cussing
“i wanna go through the hole”
tayeden “which one d*ck or v*g*n*”

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  • trumpocolypse

    aftermath of an unexpected outcome in the transference of leadership. now that ronald has become the lead administrator, his opponents are fearfully awaiting the unknown after effects of trumpocolypse.

  • mwr

    a short way of typing call of duty 4: modern warfare remastered see modern warfare remastered guy 1: did you hear that they are going to remaster cod 4? guy 2: no i didn’t, but h*ll yeah! guy 1: mwr is the only reason i’m buying infinite warfare.

  • quadskiing

    when a woman gives 4 guys a hand job at the same time. this requires the guys to stand tip to tip. “we got this sl*t to go quadskiing on our c*cks last night. it worked out well, we were mostly the same girth which improved her speed.”

  • nair turtle

    after prarie d*gg*ng before you take a m*ssive sh*t, the t*rd finally slides out of your r*ct*m hole silky smooth. man after eating taco bell, i let me out a nair turtle.

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