the hater

people who need more academic enrichment cl-sses.
the haters need academic enrichment because they should do the right thing.
a column on the av club, a website spun off from the onion that focuses on pop culture. it is written by amelie gillette and usually updates once a day on a m-f schedule. although she occasionally shows biting wit, many of her subjects are just fish in a barrel, and would be better off ignored than having such vast reserves of negative energy wasted on their idiocy. she appears to possess an especially extreme hatred for dane cook and zach braff.
the hater is really drinkin’ the haterade today. did you see where she blasted paris hilton?
a short girl, brownish-blondeish hair that is one of the biggest label wh-r-s on the face of the earth.
someone who is rich and have so much hatred at the same time
a s-xual act where by a bloke is doing a chick up the -ss in the doggie position. the bloke then puts one leg over the chick and places his foot on her head. then the chick has the sh-t f-cked out of her while her head is mashed as hard as possible.
i had this nasty b–tch on the i was all like “i’m gettin up in that -ss b-tch!”..hehehe..and she was like “yeah lob it in there boss”..hehe..and i was thinkin d-mn this sn-tch is nasty..hehe..she deserves the hater…hehe…so i c-cked my leg over her..hehe..and ground that b-tches head into the dirt..hehe.

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