thirty second charlie

a person who c*ms too fast.
hear about johnny? his girlfriend is calling him the ol’ thirty second charlie again.

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  • rusty rodger

    while having *n*l s*x with a girl, the man p*sses up the girls *ss. i was drunk the other night and i had to p*ss so bad i gave this girl the old rusty rodger

  • turkied up

    to consume large amounts of wild turkey 101, get blacked out drunk, and make p*ss poor decisions dude#1. how you feeling this morning? dude#2. like total sh*t. i got all turkied up, scored an 8 ball, blew all my money, and the wife is super p*ssed. dude#1. you will learn one of these days.

  • lituratively

    bothe figuratively and literally. matricide will lituratively kill your mother. figuratively in that it will break her heart, and literally in that, well, she’ll be dead.

  • occoms r*t*rd

    when a person does something so stupid or unexplainable that the only conclusion you can come to is that he/she is actually mentally disabled. wow, she is really stupid for going back out with him, by occom’s r*t*rd i can determine she is most likely mentally disabled.

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