huge b**bs.
“that b*tch got some tig-o-bitties”
“d*mn bro she does have a big rack”
a word meaning big ol t*tties
man that chick got some tig-o-bitties
tigobitties basically means big o t*tties. you just switch the b and t around so it is tigobitties! for instance:
michael: yo dat girl got sum tigobitties

davis: h*ll yea! she do sum tigobitties
a synonym for large (sometimes excessively large) br**sts. a clever code word when in the presence of ignorant females–by switching the “b” of “big” and the “t” of “t*tties,” one can now publicly state that a given female (or male for that matter) has tigo bitties (big ol’ t*tties).
ja rule: d*mn, i’m shorter than my car door–hey, miss, could you perchance take a minute out of your day to open this door?
miss (well endowed): why sure, little man.
ja: thanks, and by the way you have tigo bitties.
the guys code for saying big ‘o’ t*tties.
holy sh*t dude, she has some tig ‘o’ bitties.
another word for bigot*tties
a word you say when you see a woman with large br**sts walking down the street.
an easier word use for inappropriate times such as with women
d*mn, that girls got some tig o bitties
big br**sts
katie’s got some tigo bitties

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