too hot to sleep

there aren’t any definitions for too hot to sleep yet.

can you define it?

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  • lobster bath

    when you take a bath so hot, your skin turns red and you come out looking like a cooked lobster “i’m going to take the hottest lobster bath after work tonight”

  • second hand depression

    when someone is so depressing they make you feel depressed and possibly wanting to commit suicide person 1: it’s so hard to live when you feel so worthless. i feel this way every day of my life. person 2: sh-t, man, you’re giving me second hand depression.

  • bj slam

    the act of a girl icing her man a bj while driving and the idiot in the car ahead of you gives you a brake check which causes her to thrust her head further down your c-ck and permanently damaging her throat. i heard that brandon was getting a bj slam and now his gf […]

  • smash that like b*tton

    term used by people on youtube or any social media platform with a like system. it is a request to add a “like” to a video or post in any from. smash that like b-tton is usually used to strongly imply how much p-ssion the viewer of the video or post should smash the like […]

  • c*ckpow

    1. c-ckpow is when the freshly fallen snow depth is up to one’s wedding vegetables. as used by the locals of breck and the rest of summit county. 2. c-ckpow is used as an extremely positive adjective in flatland states. as used by the locals of the region, northwest indiana. 1. adam: “hey nick, how’s […]

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