when you grab a female by the v*g*n*l area, and sling/throw her as far as physically possible
sam made me mad last week, so i trumo’d her next door

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  • d*cksicle and frozen ball surprise

    this occurs when a mans genitalia gets so cold that it is nearly frozen solid. i am so f*cking cold man! we need to hurry up and get back home so i can start trying to thaw out my d*cksicle and frozen ball surprise!

  • oh f*ck oh dear

    when an outlaw biker exclaimes excitement or disbelief. when that hot chick showed her t*ts, lightening, eclamimed, ” oh f*ck oh dear” there is those t*ttayes!

  • wrestlin

    a term for when your tacklin’ a tear jerkin’ physics problem. joe: i’ve been wrestlin’ with this problem for a good week now. bob: just use f=ma, that’s physics in a nutsh*ll.

  • dazzio

    when you annoy the sh*t out of anyone and everyone and are just a general f*ck up friend: woops looks like i did contract herpes from that stripper me: stfu dazzio

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