two aside

tearing your t*st*cl*s apart and putting them aside
dude did you just two aside just now

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  • cleavage crab

    cleavage crab: a crab coming for your tatas “why is that cleavage crab staring at my b**bs? oh h*llo crab are you enjoying my b**bs? good for you!”

  • greeny fever

    feeling of nausea and possibly vomiting from not eating before smoking weed. woah dude i think i got greeny fever. i didn’t eat anything before we smoked.

  • lyin' little b*tch syndrome

    when someone barely gets hurt and they are “injured” all of a sudden; one who overexaggerates injuries and illness to receive special treatment and pity. “oh my god did you hear about dalton? he hit his head and got a really bad concussion!” “nah bro, you know he’s just got (lyin’ little b*tch syndrome]”

  • abused the d*ck

    excessive use of the p*n*s. leaves it brutally damaged after multiple forced *j*c*l*t**ns. last night we had s*x and bro, she literally abused the d*ck. p*n*s abuse torture j*zz

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