vagina lips

a really saggy v*g*n*
sarah had v*g*n* lips and they were more saggy than a old man’s b*llsack
the act of taking a picture and failing at “duck lips” that it turns into “v*g*n* lips”

the act of having lips that are so tiny and long they look like a v*g*n*.

the act of kissing and squirting you spit in their mouth like a v*g*n* would.
ava: hey lauren did you see sam’s new selfie pic?

lauren: yeah she had some crusty *ss v*g*n* lips!
someone who is so lame you cant even call them a p*ssy or a v*g*n* because they are only as cool as one lip.
look at that guy, just sitting on the couch in the middle of a party…what a v*g*n* lip!
when a person has lips that are a v*g*n*.
man, that chick last night had mean v*g*n* lips. her bj was amazing!

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