spitting any object from your v*g*n*
zoe just vagspatted a clove of garlic out of her v*g*n*!

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  • fresh from the grill

    a term used for a person when they come in with new and stylish clothes person 1: dude look at john with that new look person 2: whoo, d*mn, fresh from the grill!

  • split fart

    a repulsive fart that spreads throughout the entire room ew, he just had a split fart!

  • kooting

    the act of humping the corpse of a dead animal john: did you see rick kooting that dead deer? sammy: yeah, that’s nasty!

  • inadequack

    when a duck is unable to quack to the minimum acceptable standard “whoa jimmy, what’s that sound?” “it’s that mallard again. he must feel so inadequack”

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