vanhool is a “f*ck boy ” and he can’t skate. he thinks he does but cant. he thinks gets atb but really? gtfo he gets ugly hoes . and he brags. lol he’s a joke. vanhool is the kind of guy that makes u fall in love with him. he’s so funny and innocent at first but then he changes quickly and now he’s a hoe. and he’s so desperate he will date anybidy he don’t care. he’s g*y too. f*ck him get your self a best cousin ! or andrey . or jonah! he’ll send d*ck pics and say they ain’t his but once u say you’ll send nudes he will say “jk those were my pics now send me yours ” i got to admit he’s really sweet at first but he back stabs u . anyways he probably has h*m* feelings for andrew .he even slapped a bag of chips . he’s g*y so he’ll slap chips instead of your *ss . (vanhool if your reading this you are confused because u don’t know who i’m talking about . so yea f*ck u) don’t ever meet this person his d*ck is a shrimp and he loves to twerk .
ew vanhool has a shrimp d*ck
when will u grow?
d*mn vanhool has *ss
twerk for me baby

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