1. when you or someone the sentence is addressed towards is bad
d*mn, you wadonka for that

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  • bun juggler

    h*m*s*xual playa or cheating h*m*s*xual male that has multiple partners. ( noun/verb) noun: joe gets tons of *ss on the side . he’s such a bun juggler . verb: steve went to a g*y swingers club to do some bun juggling.

  • weak chin

    anyone who has anything resembling the thing that isn’t on the bottom half of leafy’s face has little to no chin “weak chin”-chin chinery, chin chinery, chin chin cheree, no chin is lucky, as lucky can be someone lacking a chin, whose mouth appears to be joined to their neck. ugh, i cannot stand david […]

  • soetie

    a white, english male from south africa. “look, scott is fishing in the pools in his business complex before work.” “what a soetie”

  • queefy *ss

    when your *ss hole decides to act like a v*g*n* and liquid sh*t comes out. usually you have to wait hours while you watch the mixture of sh*t and p*ss slither out your r*ct*m like a sh*tty milkshake. after those tacos last night, i had a queefy *ss.

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