a “wigga” who has s*xual relations with a “n*gg*r b*tch”
“john is a wiggn*gg*r, always hangin round the trap house.”

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  • the sparrow

    that weird yet awesome guy you hang out with over there that’s tobey he’s the sparrow of the gang

  • a joe nolan

    a non serious relationship with a number of girls who are so much younger than you. “shouldnt of got on her last night, i did a joe nolan”

  • trumplomacy

    trum-ploh-muh-see noun the profession, activity, or skill of being unable or useless at managing international relations. the art of dealing with people in an insensitive and tactless way. for the first time in his life donald was now obliged to have recourse to trumplomacy; and his pen proved almost as formidable as his wig .

  • amphetamine dilemma

    the difficulty choosing whether to finish your last line of speed, or keep it for a later time at the party. usually involves a fear of sadness of having no amphetamine left. man: are you going to finish your last line of speed? woman: i don’t know, i’m in an amphetamine dilemma

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