yan yee

a b*tch. she makes people fight and pretends she does not know what happened. f*ckgirl. plays with guys’ feelings
hey have u seen yan yee? yeah dont date her she’ll play with your feelings.

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  • monkey kevin

    a person so stoned that they have the typical brain function of a monkey. “did you hear about that kid who smoke so much he didn’t know what his name was?” “yeah man, he’s totally a monkey kevin.”

  • alkamist

    an old dirty man, usually starting trouble everywhere he goes. loves a g*y football team. also referred to as “alkash*t” hey its really quiet in here, let’s hope alkamist doesn’t show up and f*ck it up!!

  • toiletron

    what a toilet turns into when it revolts against it’s user oh noes! it’s the toiletron!

  • tabiah

    usually trans gender and is socially awkard but loves to be in bed with guys. she usually gets good grades but her boyfriend is usually crusty. wow, that tabiah really sucks d*ck!!!!!!!

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