seeing a girls bra strap or slight bit of underwear
dude1: woah, look at that bra strap!
dude 2 : oh man, you just got to 0.5 base
a fart, lighter than a p-ss (which is a 1) and a dump (a 2)
d-mn bro, just dropped a 0.5
last 2 letters for greek work “natos”
0 (zero) and 5 (five) represent the o and s

used in l33t voc most of greek cs players and other online gamer’s
when some1 does something l33t like owning an enemy unexpected and state’s his present, witch was until then not obvious, or he was considered somehow a noob.
example 1)
person a) bomb a !
person b) headshot’s 3 enemys with single deagle shot’s
person a) nat05 !

example 2)

group msg in lineage2 ( we getting ganked in fg )
person goes by and pk’s 4 enemys !
grp goes like … 055555 !

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