0 fucks given

sh-lley: 0 f-cks given?
haru: mikoto. that’s mikoto

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  • Knutala

    derived from nutella, you say this when you are too d-mn lazy and/or stupid to say the original form. knutala: nut-uh-luh d-mn that rich boy got em’ a knutala sanwich’

  • cooncil

    ‘c–ncil’ is used mainly in scotland, and is a nickname given to cheap cocaine, usually found in council estates, being used by neds ye sniff c–ncil ya radge

  • Nexure

    a insane person who hates people has freaks over everything and needs to learn to live life. seriously if you make him a tiny bit mad he will have a freak. if you do anything he dislikes then he will just instantly get p-ssed. he must have a low self esteem nexure needs some mental […]

  • gay nipples

    when you c-m on his nipples, and let it set. after a while his ‘gay nipples’ become erect. “i c-mmed my sack all over his hot gay nipples, and they became erect, like my hot gay d-ck .”

  • Rubber Duchess

    undertaking a masturbatory act on oneself, wearing marigold rubber gloves and your mother’s best pearls or costume jewellery. nah, can’t stay for another one lads. got to pop home to let the rubber d-ch-ss out before mum gets back from aunty karen’s.

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