it means i want your p-ssy
“can i stick my p-n-s in your 0043?”

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  • labia ginorma

    when the lips of your l-b– minora are the size of your l-b– majora, and you then have to call your l-b– majora, a l-b– ginorma. a “giant” l-b– majora. ” man her v-g-n- was so big i swear to god it looked like she had a l-b– ginorma”

  • shadow cops

    shadow cops refer to police vehicles where the police lettering on the vehicles are hard to see but are still present. the lettering is actually easier to see when it is parked in the shadow of a building or out of the glare of the sun. shadow cops, shadow-cops,

  • mild shower

    when you gotta pull a quick one and take a shower where you don’t wash your hair and maybe shave your legs that hoe lexi must of taken a mild shower, her hair is greasy her hair is greasy but her legs are smooth af, she probably took a mild shower yo she rushed out […]

  • bukiki

    black african dude. bro that dude a bukiki.

  • whosee whatzits

    when some forgets what the thing they are talking about is called. usually used by grandmas and clueless friends// see thingamabob hey, will you p-ss me those whosee whatzits?

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