the codename of legendary secret service agent, james bond
and please double ough seven, try not to destroy this one car.
one who sh-gs many beautiful women

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  • all the best ones are gay

    brian molko is not gay…he’s bi ^^^ see example above

  • A Stark

    a fat idiot with wrists wider than a horses p-n-s ‘look at that fat guys wrists, what a stark.’

  • alomogordo

    city in southern new mexico. the place the first atomic bomb should have been dropped on… but they missed by about a 100 miles. hopefully the wind brought some fallout though. home to holloman air force base, angry right wing nuts, and not much else. things to do in alamogordo: walmart mcdonalds (inside walmart) …

  • Aloysius Devadander Abercrombie

    short for mud. also the name of the character in primus’s “my name is mud”. my name is mud, but call me aloysius devadander abercrombie. that’s for mud, so i’ve been told.

  • A Ten Footer

    a girl that looks really f-ckin good about ten feet away but when she gets in eye distance you just want to make up something to get away see that chick walkin towards us? yea dude she is f-ckin bomb? (girl walks by) dude that chick was a ten footer agreed

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