the time period forever remembered as being dominated by rap/r&b and emo music, baggy clothing and tight jeans respectively.
also the time of mysp-ce and internet mainly blowing up.
in 10 years, be ready to see some vh1 “remember the 00’s” episodes
the 70’s had the hippies
the 80’s had the rock
the 90’s uhhhh, angst?

and the 00’s, you guess
basically the 1990s, but more commercialized, with much better technology and more conflict.

the decade of the hipster, indie rock, veganism, g-y acceptance, and going “green”.

the decade of the reality show, cr-ppy television, the death of mtv, and the rise of emo.

the decade of constant crisis, which led to the cr-ppiness that defines the 24-hour news network.

the decade when we all realized that our entire lives depended on the internet.

(alt) the b-st-rd child of 1980s fashion and 1990s ideas

2000s- let’s take all that’s great from the 90s, commercialize it, and market it to everyone!
2000s- let’s take all that’s great from the 90s, commericalize it, and market it to everyone!
the decade following the 1990s, currently in progress, and on course to becoming one of the worst, most meaningless and culturally empty decades in american history.
i’m so glad i graduated from high school in the 1990s and not the 00s.
the numerals spell it all. zero economic opportunity after college, zero sence in the general public, cultural zeroes, zero understanding and tolerance, near zero entertainment, politicians with zero intelligence and zero scruples, hysteria, panic, hatred and witch hunt frenzy stirred up by political cretins and a sensationalistic zero iq media (esp. tv news). it’s the decade of duh.
1. 1999 turns into 1984 (the novel). fanatics attack on 9/11 and a great panic ensues. armchair warriors see war on tv 24/7. fundie fanaticism (christian and muslim) flowers. meanwhile the economy tanks and the u.s. const-tution is used as toilet paper. talking heads on tv toss in trashy celebrity stories to distract viewers. this turns america into a masturbation nation.

2. reality tv becomes the opiate of the m-sses.

3. anybody who stands near a flag, pretends to pray in public, holds up a cross, talks of “family values” or boasts of kickin’ -ss is venerated by the m-sses.

nbc reporter: mr. bush, who is your favorite philosopher?

w: uhhhh – jesus christ!


4. rock’n’roll is long dead by 2000. however, some newer bands that recently released alb-ms like *stella, spinerette, the plasticines, datarock and the ravionettes hint that rock may be coming back to life as this ugly decade ends. lord i hope so.

5. let’s be honest. how many females have become famous for their intelligence or talents in anything during the past 10 years? cross your legs, shake your -ss, put on a seductive “f-ck-me-honey” air about you. then you’re a star. it’s the decade of dumb ditzy dolls. the season of the b-tch. whatever happened to gender equality and respect?

6.this nightmarish decade of lying, corruption, hate, arrogance, neglect and stupidity – the 00s – i ain’t gonna miss it. good riddance to bad rubbish.
two zeroes that represent a pair of t-ts or an -ss, both which are the most prominent features that men of taste see in fit and attractive women.
“hey did you get this month’s new issue of playboy magazine? the new candidates for this year’s playmate of the year are pretty d-mn smokin.'”
“h-ll yeah man! those ladies do really put the 00’s in 2005!”
“word on the street.”

mark h. since february 2004.
1. currently used to denote the decade ranging from 2000-2009. aka the noughties.

2. what people ignorantly use to call anything present day.
1. mysp-ce gained popularity in the mid-late 00’s.
2. person 1: “the 90’s had the macarena and gameboys, and the 00’s have gangnam style and ipads”
person 2: “gangnam style and ipads didn’t come out until the 2010’s, silly.”

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